Practical Applications of the Best Value Methodology

Entrepreneurs / 15th January 2018

Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc. today announces its participation in the 2018 Best Value Conference, a nationally recognized event that educates attendees on a leadership-based business model designed to improve performance of individual projects and entire organizations. Members of Canon Solutions America’s Enterprise Managed Services Division (EMSD) will return for the third year in a row to discuss the positive integration of the Best Value approach into programs at Canon Solutions America. The event will be held on January 15-19, 2017 in Tempe, Arizona.

The Best Value Conference focuses on sharing best procurement and risk management practices with leading industry professionals seeking measurable results for their respective industries. The model, which is based on leadership principles, drives accountability and efficiency to ultimately decrease risk, stress, cost, and management requirements. Since its founding in 1994, the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) has been testing and refining the Best Value Business Model under the leadership of Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, Director of PBSRG and Best Value Guru. Consequently, the model has improved the performance of projects and organizations more than 1,800 times. 

“This year, we’re focusing on the practical applications of the Best Value methodology,” said Rick Ranft, the Senior Director of the Strategic Markets Team within the Enterprise Managed Services Division. “We’ll be delving into several case studies as examples, but we’ll also be outlining what we believe makes a ‘Best Value’ service provider.”

Ranft, who leads the Strategic Markets group, which includes Advisory Teams dedicated to Higher Education and Healthcare, will be making an appearance at the conference as a Canon Solutions America representative for the fourth time. He has been invited to share Canon Solutions America’s expertise in implementing Best Value programs in large, complex organizations. Ranft and his team have adapted the Best Value approach to cater to the complex needs of Higher Education and Healthcare clients. With transformational design, dedicated account teams, and industry-leading technologies, the Enterprise Managed Services Division builds robust and scalable, yet flexible, print and document management services platforms, which include hardware and software that allow for customization and innovation based on relevant business needs. The Best Value model has shown to be applicable to any level of organization, allowing Canon Solution America’s EMSD to implement it in a variety of environments. Furthermore, the flexible details of the model clearly align it to additional divisions of the company and extending services to customers on a small or large scale.

“We’re also asking for more participation than in years past,” said Erin Gruber, Practice Leader with the Strategic Markets Team. “This year, we want the attendees to share with us their experience implementing Best Value, and open a dialogue about which approaches are successful and how to promote Best Value within your organization.”

To learn more or find out about Canon Solutions America’s success with Best Value—contact the Canon Solutions America Strategic Markets Team

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