70 Percent of Global Education Customers See Value in Deploying Video Cameras in the Classroom

MBA Blog / 7th September 2017

As the Internet of Things continues to influence the creation of new technology advancements in the classroom, it’s essential that students and faculty have a solution that enables a safe and connected learning environment. A survey released by Extreme Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXTR) found that 70 percent of educators and IT managers believe video cameras should be in the classroom to create secure and productive learning spaces. Since its debut in October 2016 as the industry’s first Wave 2 integrated camera access point (AP), Extreme’s Camera AP 3916i solution has helped a growing number of education customers, including Aldine Independent School District, Smackover-Norphlet School District, and Catawba College improve visibility into classroom activity while enhancing overall connectivity.

By consolidating two hardware units into one, schools and universities are able to deploy and manage more educational technology at an affordable cost with Extreme’s Camera AP. The AP allows customers to enhance connectivity and network bandwidth, while its high-definition surveillance camera provides a more secure environment for the entire campus. The Camera AP also improves classroom productivity for activities like lecture capture to help teachers improve their pedagogy, and virtual attendance for students unable to attend class in person.  

Customer Highlights:

  • Aldine Independent School District: The Camera AP has allowed the district to provide reliable connectivity and added safety measures for a variety of scenarios across 95 of its buildings, setting the foundation for the rest of the schools in the district. Additionally, as a Texas school district, Aldine must comply with the new SB 507 law, by installing cameras in special education classrooms upon the request of parents or faculty.
  • Smackover- Norphlet School District: By deploying Camera APs in every classroom within four of the district’s schools, Smackover-Norphlet is able to deter thieves from stealing Chromebooks and other assets, which had previously plagued the district. In addition to security, Smackover-Norphlet has futureproofed its network to support its 1,300+ students’ dependency on wireless connectivity in the classroom for years to come. 
  • Catawba CollegeWith 34 Camera APs being configured in central locations, Catawba will be able to monitor the entrances and exits of its buildings and computer labs. From an IT perspective, the staff will reduce the number of ports and cabling, which improves overall maintenance costs.

On Wednesday, September 13 at 2 p.m. ET, Extreme is hosting a free webinar in partnership with eRepublic to discuss the benefits associated with video cameras in the classroom for students, faculty and IT staff. To register, please visit this page.

Executive Perspectives

Bob Nilsson, Director of Vertical Solutions Marketing, Extreme Networks
“At Extreme, we strive to stay ahead of current industry trends to address customer needs as they emerge. For education, we anticipated the need of IT departments to find affordable solutions that not only deliver on the connectivity needs of students, faculty, and guests, but also provide security across the entire organization. We look forward to working with a growing number of K-12 and higher education customers looking to deploy our Camera AP to establish safe and productive learning environments.”

Dominic Tong, Executive Director of Information Technology, Aldine Independent School District 
“I’m very pleased with the 3916 Camera AP. It’s an innovative, forward-thinking product that allows me to add security and wireless access in one device, while reducing wiring costs. I’ve been able to easily maintain the network and provide an added layer of security – all at a reasonable price for the 72,000 students that require constant, reliable, and secure network infrastructure and security systems.”

Jana Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer, SmackoverNorphlet School District 
“Extreme’s Camera AP allowed our district to make two necessary network upgrades at once while saving costs. Not only are we able to deter theft that used to plague our school district with the added surveillance feature, we can easily support the use of multiple devices on the network that previously strained bandwidth. With 90 percent of our network being wireless, we’re now able to provide ample connectivity for faculty and students.”

Rodney Rymer, Director of Systems and Networking, Catawba College 
“Over the 20 years I’ve worked with Extreme, they’ve always been able to support our evolving needs. The Camera APs provide a smart cost-effective solution that has allowed me to reduce the number of ports and cabling. With its dual functionality, my team is able to use one consolidated device and one cable for multiple tasks – from surveillance to connectivity to control over the devices on the network.”

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