Michael Loeb & Loeb Enterprises Summer Internship Program Places Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs in Fast-paced Startups

Entrepreneurs / 6th August 2018

Michael Loeb, founder and CEO of Loeb Enterprises, the New York City-based startup firm, is continuing his longtime commitment to career development through his company’s summer program for entrepreneurial internships in New York City. Sponsored by Loeb Enterprises, the paid internships are at startups within the Loeb portfolio as well as fast growing companies outside the Loeb portfolio that do not have a budget for internships.

Now in its second year, the Loeb Enterprises Summer Internship Program has placed 40 students from more than 20 U.S. colleges in 10-week, paid internship positions at a variety of New York City-based companies. The program is designed for students who express interest in spending their summer in a startup atmosphere rather than in a more typical, institutional internship.

“We are fortunate to have again attracted a group of bright, energetic students who are displaying a genuine enthusiasm for business and innovation,” said Michael Loeb. “Our goal is to provide these extraordinary young minds the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship from actual entrepreneurs. The program makes sure the students are fully engaged and complete assignments that contribute to a startup’s trajectory.”

Loeb, a serial entrepreneur, developed the Loeb Enterprises Summer Internship Program with Nicole Williams, an author of three bestselling books focused on careers and women in business. Williams is the founder of WORKS, a Loeb Enterprises portfolio company centered on energizing and advancing career success.

More than 1,000 students applied for the 40 spots offered in this summer’s Internship Program. Two-dozen colleges are represented including the University of ChicagoCornellUConnHarvardNYU and Amherst, which is Michael Loeb’s alma mater and home to the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning.

Upon their arrival to New York City in June, the interns visited Michael Loeb’s house in Southamptonfor a three-day event known as “Internatopia,” during which the students heard pitches directly from the founders and CEOs of participating startups. In turn, the students pitch themselves and their ideas to the CEOs. Individual meetings between the startups and the students were held prior to each intern being matched with a company to assure fit and an optimally productive summer experience.

Loeb added: “Internatopia also includes an entrepreneur boot camp comprised of programming developed by myself and other startup veterans to help prepare the students for their immersive summer experience.”

Throughout the summer, the interns visit Loeb Enterprises headquarters where they hear addresses from successful individuals from various fields of business, the arts, and philanthropy. In addition, interns participate in weekly roundtables where their progress is reviewed and their goals are discussed.

For more information on Loeb Enterprises click here.

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