Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Entrepreneurs / 21st August 2018

Hugh Massie, a pioneer in the practical application of behavioral insights, has rolled out “Behaviorally Smart Entrepreneurship, Mastering Your Entrepreneurial Style,” on Amazon in a downloadable digital book or hardcopy.

Based on extensive, validated research, the book is aimed at helping entrepreneurs determine if they’ve got what it takes to succeed, and can serve as a jumping off point, helping readers discover their natural strengths and challenges.

“Our research gives credence to a person being born with entrepreneurial genes,” says Hugh Massie, CEO of Atlanta-based DNA Behavior, “but we also know that should not be the sole determining factor of someone choosing an entrepreneurial path.”

He says that, if an existing or prospective entrepreneur can invest a relatively modest amount of time to discovering their strengths and challenges, they can then best leverage their strengths. They also then have the insight and information necessary to address any natural challenges, such as pairing themselves with business partners or associates who complement them by bringing in natural strengths the entrepreneur lacks.

“Starting, funding, leading and growing a business in the digital age is becoming more and more of a challenge,” Massie says. “Powering entrepreneurs with scientifically validated insights creates opportunities never before seen.”

Central to the book’s premise and its application by an entrepreneur is DNA Behavior’s My Entrepreneurial Style, an online portal that guides individuals through a 10-minute talent discovery process. Answers are then measured using DNA Behavior’s award-winning, proprietary algorithm.

The results, presented in an engaging, infographic-like one-page report, include an individual’s core entrepreneurial style, individual strengths and struggles, and the five leading entrepreneurial genes on a series of custom dashboards and reports.

The book and the related portal are based on DNA Behavior’s entrepreneur genetic research, surveying 250 entrepreneur-led businesses with revenue exceeding $1 Million per year. Research zeroed in on the personality traits associated with entrepreneurial success: Resilience, Risk Behavior, Creativity, Work Ethic, Focus, and External Charisma.

“This launch comes at a pivotal time for entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for ways to succeed when the odds are against them,” Massie says. “Experts cite a 90 percent or higher fail rate for start-ups and credit having the wrong team as a key failure point. The book aims to help hopeful entrepreneurs measure if they have the genes associated with success, as well as fill any gaps.”

The BeSmart book is available here.

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