Is Earning an MBA a Good Investment?

MBA Blog / 12th March 2019

GBSB Global Business School

Those three little words, Master in Business Administration, can hold a lot of weight and prestige after your name. They can open up a world of professional opportunity, get you a prestigious introduction and set your career off in the right direction. However, earning an MBA can also set you back depending on the country, running upwards of £100,000, not to mention the investment of time, taking anywhere from one to three years to complete.

Is the commitment worth it?

  1. Career

For some, earning an MBA can fast-track career success and lead to promotions and salary increases. Having the designation “MBA” after your name may also give you more flexibility and negotiating power, especially if you are switching careers.

  1. Business Finesse

Do you possess business etiquette? Do you think like a business professional? Learning how to do just that is one of the biggest assets attached to earning an MBA. If you don’t organically possess these traits, then an MBA, like the one offered at GBSB Global Business School, is nearly essential. While theoretically you could gain the skills needed to navigate the world of business by jumping feet first into your own business project, and without any training, it would probably take you a lot longer to figure it all out. Earning an MBA condenses the process and provides the toolkit you’ll need to guide your career.

  1. Professional Network

Expanding your professional network starts in business school. Earning your MBA at GBSB Global not only exposes you to a diverse student body, of which many will become friends, but also gives you an extensive community of potential customers, supporters and mentors, found in your professors.

Don’t forget to do your homework. Not all MBA programmes are alike. Make sure you find one that fits.


The caliber of your school and programme matters. With over 150,000 new MBA graduates annually, earning an MBA doesn’t guarantee you’ll stand out from the crowd. However, an MBA from an outstanding programme at a highly recognised school does.

  1. Cost

MBAs can be quite expensive, leaving some graduates deeply in debt. While they may be worth it, it may be worth your time finding the right programme at the right price.

  1. Time

In addition to the monetary cost, you will also need to evaluate the time you will have to invest in the programme. Earning your MBA could take anywhere from one to three years, depending on the institution and country, and whether you study full-time or part-time. Is that commitment worth your time when you could be working and earning money? Consider how much time you will have to allot to your studies. Maybe a shorter programme would work better, allowing you to pursue your business dreams sooner. 

The decision is yours. Whatever it is, though, make sure it suits your needs and aspirations. If it is worth your time, money and commitment to gain the hard and soft skills, business ethics, mindset and network that you need to make your career goals come to fruition, then seek it out.

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