Rutgers MBA in Supply Chain Management Offers New Path to Job Opportunities in Canada

MBA Blog / 25th April 2019

The Supply Chain Management Association™ (SCMA™) and Rutgers University have signed a partnership agreement through which graduates of Rutgers Business School’s MBA in Supply Chain Management program gain advanced standing toward SCMA’s Supply Chain Management Professional™ (SCMP™) designation.

The SCMP designation is frequently required for recent graduates or professionals looking to work in supply chain management for companies in Canada.Canadian companies.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Rutgers Business School,” said Christian Buhagiar, president and CEO of SCMA. “Rutgers is the first U.S. university with which we’ve partnered to develop advanced standing pathways into our SCMP designation.

“Immigration is a key economic driver for Canada, supported by the Government of Canada, and creating international pathways to Canada’s most sought-after supply chain designation will open opportunities for those wishing to emigrate to work in Canadian supply chain management,” he said.

Rutgers MBA in Supply Chain Management is highly respected, ranking No. 5 in North America according to Gartner, a leading research and advisory company.

“We are thrilled to partner with the SCMA to offer opportunities to our students to pursue supply chain management careers in Canada,” said James King, senior director, Office of Career Management at Rutgers Business School.

SCMA’s SCMP designation program comprises eight modules that cover the core areas of strategic supply chain management knowledge; six interactive workshops that address high-level business skills; an annual in-residence week (IRW) that brings together SCMP candidates to learn from acclaimed leaders from across North America on the most timely supply chain issues, while also including final exam preparation; a final examination; and a practical-experience requirement, a minimum of three years of progressive experience in any aspect of supply chain management.

Through the new agreement, Rutgers MBA Supply Chain Management graduates interested in earning the SCMP designation are exempt from all workshops and seven of the eight modules. They are required only to complete the module on supply chain management for the public sector, participate in the in-residence week, pass the final exam and show proof of their valid work experience.

“It’s a testament to the strength of Rutgers supply chain management curriculum to so closely match the requirements for the SCMP designation,” said Andy Gogates, manager of corporate relations at Rutgers Business School, who was instrumental in fostering the partnership.

“This is a real advantage for Rutgers MBA graduates looking for career opportunities in Canada,” Gogates said.

Buhagiar pointed to the emerging SCALE.AI innovation supercluster in Canada, which is dedicated to building the next-generation supply chain and boosting industry performance by leveraging AI technologies, as well as the commitment from the Canadian government towards strengthening Canada’s supply chains.

Canada is a country that was historically founded by supply chain through our first fur trade companies such as the Hudson’s Bay Company that was started in in 1670, making it older than Canada and even older than Rutgers (founded in 1766),” he said. “Recognizing this history, Canada is looking to supply chain management to help drive its economic future.”

In addition to bringing together key representatives of the two partner organizations, the signing ceremony included Danielle Parizeau, consul (migration) at the Consulate General of Canada in New York. The Consulate has been presenting information on Canada’s immigration programs for skilled immigrants to Rutgers MBA in Supply Chain Management graduating students for the past couple of years, and is eager to join forces with SCMA in future efforts to attract Rutgers graduates to employment with Canadian companies.


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