Online Learning: The Future of the MBA

MBA Blog / 7th August 2020

Society is adapting to the digital world at lightning speed, recognizing the future of education will evolve from more traditional forms. While online education was present before the coronavirus spread, it has forced educational institutions to rethink the way in which they connect to students and transfer knowledge across platforms rather than in-person classrooms.

Those institutions with the means in place, i.e., technological services and teams, have had an upper hand compared to those that have had to improvise along the way. GBSB Global launched its online MBA program in 2017, understanding the growing need amongst students to have flexibility and accessibility to reputable institutions while balancing their daily affairs, be that work, travel or familiar demands.

The exponential growth of online education begs the question, do students actually need the two/three/four-year residential, on-campus experience?

The answer is really subjective, but in light of the health concerns about meeting in large groups, the world is adapting to the online classroom en masse. The new normal will redefine how we relate socially. GBSB Global’s school body represents 85+ nationalities and brings a new perspective on what it means to be socially connected but physically apart. Our on-campus and online diversity is one of our greatest attributes, providing students with a ready-made network of professional contacts across the globe.

As the first Microsoft School in Spain, GBSB Global’s IT department has made it possible for students to integrate into the online classroom with little to no stress. With lectures, discussion boards and one-to-one meetings with professors available to students, the future of education has some major advantages. Many of the onsite costs have been minimized which, in turn, has freed up resources to commit to research-based teaching that is more innovative and applicable to the times that we are living in today. At GBSB Global, with our commitment to small class sizes, students learn troubleshooting and digital problem-solving skills, how to lead teams and collaborate remotely, participate in professional meetings and gain personalized mentorship from our staff of international professors and faculty.

Here are the top five reasons learning online is the future of education:

  1. Flexibility | Anytime. Anywhere. Students can study at their own pace within the parameters of the course. This gives students the ability to balance their studies with their professional responsibilities, travel, and demands at home. As the world slowly starts to reopen, individuals will be looking to advance their skill sets, juggle their families and get back to work. Earning an advanced degree will help students get ahead of the competition while still being able to show up for the other activities that are important.
  2. Possibilities | In the digital age in which we live, every class found in the catalogue of a traditional institution is now online. An added benefit is that a course on digital business, for example, is conducted in the medium in which students will be working, the internet. In subject areas like marketing, communications, finance, business, and innovation, having courses online set the precedent and will help graduates better navigate the industry.
  3. Accessibility | Today, everyone today is digitally connected on social media so why should school be any different? Taking the future of education online provides students with better access to resources, research, and communication tools. Studying at GBSB Global, a private business institution with small class sizes as opposed to state and/or public universities, professors know students’ names and work to answer students’ questions as they arise.
  4. Customized Learning Experience | Students can adapt their education to meet their needs. While flexibility and accessibility play a big part in this, the student really holds the reins to their education. With learning materials literally at their fingertips from eBooks and case studies to online discussion boards and a student body that spans the globe, students can be as engaged as they want to be with their peers, the coursework and their professors. Students can graduate with a job lined up and a network of business associates at the helm to help them in their professional pursuits.
  5. Cost | Students can learn from the comfort of their living rooms with a library of resources just a click away. There is no commute, no expensive books to buy in most cases and no onsite housing to budget for. Do your research. Compared to traditional on-campus programs, online programs tend to be far more cost-effective, but don’t fret that quality is compromised. The monetary investment may be less, but the results are often better.

These are just a few of the reasons why 85 percent of students today think that online learning is the same if not better than traditional modalities (statistics taken from Purdue University and National Center for Education Statistics).

In May 2020, more than 6 million students were reported to be online as a part of their higher education program. Join their ranks. Enroll in one of GBSB Global’s online degree programs and experience what the hype is all about. Be a part of the movement – define the new era in online education.


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