The Org Launches New Jobs Platform to Revolutionize Recruiting Using Public Organizational Charts

Career Climbers / 21st January 2021

The Org, a professional community backed by Sequoia and Founders Fund offering businesses a platform to create a free, public organizational chart with the goal of making their organization more transparent, today announced the launch of their new Jobs platform. The new platform allows companies to list open roles directly within their public org chart, empowering applicants to better understand where they might fit and who their future teammates and direct supervisors would be.

According to Diligent Insights, a top concern for CEOs is attracting and retaining talent. Finding strong candidates is difficult and effective options are limited, with CEOs and hiring managers forced to choose between the lesser of two evils: expensive recruiters or mega hiring platforms that drown companies in low-quality applicants. Pair this with the future of remote work and this difficulty is now taken to the next level, as the lack of in-person encounters restrict networking opportunities and traditional face-to-face interview procedures companies have come to rely on.

“The hiring market hasn’t evolved in decades. Jobs is giving the industry a long overdue overhaul, giving companies the ability to bring job descriptions to life with a visual of who applicants will work with every day,” said Christian Wylonis, CEO of The Org. “Billions of dollars have been spent on tools to sort candidates or inundate personal inboxes with poaching emails. It’s gotten so bad that quality applicants abhor well-meaning recruiters and work hard to circumvent the hiring platforms. Jobs is taking this pain point out of the process for everyone, granting applicants full transparency on open positions among the world’s most transparent businesses.”

Having a public org chart empowers organizations to engage more customers, celebrate and onboard team members, and collaborate and innovate seamlessly. It’s also a great way to attract better and more diverse talent, making Jobs a seamless addition to The Org’s suite of offerings. In addition to making the application process more human, the platform allows talent to discover thousands of fast-growing, mission-driven companies, and then explore the team and open roles once they have found an organization they are interested in pursuing.

“Great people want to work with great people. We’re giving companies the ability to use their existing talent to hire more great talent, and granting job seekers the ability to meet their future colleagues before even applying for the job. It’s a win-win for all,” Wylonis added.

There are currently over 100,000 organizations in The Org’s database, with companies including Airtable, Postmates, Contentful, Fishtown Analytics already using the new Jobs platform. In addition to helping companies create a public-facing org chart and use the new Jobs platform to help build their teams with top talent, The Org allows companies to share their news through the Team Announcements service, where teams can post press releases with no costs associated. The Org also powers Insights, a news platform featuring stories about the people and teams behind the world’s most innovative and transparent organizations. 

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