New Book by Midwest Business Legend Shares Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success for All Walks of Life

Entrepreneurs / 5th March 2021

From seasoned CEO, entrepreneur, and former US Congressional candidate Jim Spurlino comes Business Bullseye: Take Dead Aim and Achieve Great Success, a practical and effective guide to leading small- to medium-sized businesses to success.

Though thousands of businesses are founded each year, many fail at the hands of owners who lack the knowledge or focus needed to prosper. That’s where Business Bullseye comes in. From his years of launching, leading, and ultimately selling a successful business, Jim Spurlino knows that one of the key facets of the planning process is identifying a precise target goal and placing that target at the forefront of every business decision. 

“In Business Bullseye, key leadership lessons are brought to light through vivid, real-life stories. This book touches on every important aspect of creating and sustaining a successful business,” says John Pepper, Former CEO of Procter & Gamble.

Jim Spurlino started his own company with a personal investment of $40,000 and lots of hard work. He built a business that began with a local reputation for quality products and excellent service into a firm that was nationally recognized. The company’s notable achievements included supplying concrete for the Bristol Motor Speedway and the Indianapolis Colts stadium. After seventeen years, Jim realized the full value of his efforts when he sold his company for $30 million—not a bad return. 

Written for entrepreneurs from all walks of business and life, Business Bullseye provides the insight, tools, and guidance needed to launch a business to new heights. With a refreshingly realistic perspective and “candid and accessible” advice (Clarion Review), Spurlino outlines a variety of universal concepts that emphasize establishing a clear and concise bullseye and the necessary steps to taking dead aim and hitting it. 

Punctuated by real-life stories, Business Bullseye inspires, entertains, and combines salient business lessons with spot-on advice from a successful entrepreneur, advice that will lead business owners to hit the bullseye every single time. 

Business Bullseye: Take Dead Aim and Achieve Great Success is available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Amplify Publishing.

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