Tech Startup Clapself Launches Platform for Bite-Sized Learning

Entrepreneurs / 19th May 2022

Clapself, Inc. a California based start-up, has announced the launch of its bite-sized learning platform. Founded by serial entrepreneurs who earlier sold a patented technology to Google, Clapself helps people thrive in the connected world.

“More than 70% of people drop out of the online courses they buy. Clapself powers today’s busy learners by offering them a short and engaging learning experience. We are on a mission to prepare people and businesses for the possibilities and opportunities of tomorrow,” said Anuj Kanish, Co-founder & CEO of Clapself.

“I am delighted to welcome another tech startup emerging in the Sacramento region. A platform like Clapself can be instrumental in reskilling people to capture the new economic opportunities, and bringing people from diverse backgrounds closer through an exchange of their inspirations and learnings,” said Barry Broome, President & CEO, Greater Sacramento Economic Council.

Fueled by the pandemic, e-learning market size is projected to grow to $325 Billion by 2025.  The changing online habits, busy lifestyles, and shrinking attention spans of people are driving the widespread adoption of micro-learning.

“It’s great to see a platform where industry leaders and experts can give back to the community through their insightful and inspirational learnings all while boosting their brands,” said Dave Sanders, Managing Partner at Worldbridge Partners, and Strategic Advisor to Clapself.

“Clapself offers businesses a new way to grow the talent pipeline around their offerings and helps them inspire and upskill their people for leveraging the new business opportunities driven by digital transformation,” said Ramna Sharma, Co-founder & CPO.

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