Mave Reaches New Milestone: 10,000 Software Sales Jobs on Platform

Career Climbers / 17th October 2022

Mave, a software sales career platform, officially launched in 2021 to help software companies discover top sales talent. Their platform gives sales professionals the ability to filter companies or opportunities that match their sales experience and interests. Since inception, they have quickly grown to over 10,000 new jobs exclusive to Software, Tech, and SaaS Sales professionals.

“We’re excited to offer more job opportunities and ultimately provide more selection to candidates’ job search,” says Stephen Daspit, Founder at Mave. “As more and more software companies continue to post their sales positions on our platform, we’ve been able to reach more markets and help match more sales professionals and employers.”

Mave’s mission continues to be critical for software organizations that are in need of sales talent to meet the increasing demand for software technology. The platform’s ability to filter and refine opportunities or companies has led to more effective and efficient hiring and job search process.

As Mave continues to grow and onboard more employers, they’re adding additional search filters and recommendations for new opportunities based on candidate preferences. Their constant innovation in job search technology is paving the way for a better user experience and, ultimately, more successful sales hires.

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