Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Accelerator Announces 2023 Cohort

MBA Blog / 1st March 2023

Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and Pegasus Tech Ventures announce the second cohort of early-stage startups participating in the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Accelerator Powered by Pegasus Tech Ventures. The virtual accelerator program is a partnership between Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and Pegasus Tech Ventures with a mission to provide world-class instruction and support to Harvard entrepreneurs globally.

The 2023 cohort reflects the diversity and brilliance of Harvard alumni entrepreneurs around the world. The second cohort of 11 startups is from six different Harvard schools and six different countries, selected from a pool of over 101 applicants from 18 countries.

The 2023 Cohort also represents a wide range of sectors, including FinTech, HealthTech, FoodTech, LegalTech, FashionTech, EdTech, MediaTech, Big Data, enterprise software, and AI. The cohort will work together during a ten-week program to develop skills, strategies, and tools that will enable them to scale up their companies, develop their teams, and raise growth capital. 

The Accelerator is committed to seeking diverse founders: 73% of our founders are women or identify as being from underserved communities. 

The 11 promising teams:

  • Beyond Education: an early-stage, French-based edtech startup that is preparing students for the future by assessing and developing 21st Century Competencies online and globally.
  • CiteRight: an essential litigation collaboration tool for lawyers, adjudicators, and the people who support them.
  • Dollarize: a seed-stage startup hoping to change the world by allowing foreign nationals to have access to US dollars to protect themselves from the devaluation of their currency.
  • Goals101 Data Solutions: a Transaction Behavioral Intelligence (TBI) company that accelerates business growth for banks with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Iambic: a next-gen shoe brand delivering precision-fit shoes at scale through merging AI, smartphone scanning, and streamlined manufacturing—making footwear finally inclusive.
  • worn before, designed to go further, so you can live freely.
  • Noktos: a next-gen travel management company helping companies manage their travel from planning to expense reporting and invoice recovery.
  • PairUp: a platform that connects employees to the right colleagues to help them succeed–and guides their relationships every step of the way.
  • SOAP Health: a digital care company that is mission-driven to transform medical practice by appropriately applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to physician workflows to improve physician productivity, reduce liability exposure, augment clinical knowledge, and improve early disease detection and diagnostic accuracy.
  • Sun & Swell: offering delicious, healthy, sustainable snack foods and pioneering the movement away from single-use plastics in the packaged food industry.
  • YeneHealth: the first femtech startup in Ethiopia that is unlocking the digital door of healthcare services for African women.
  • Zette: a venture-backed media tech startup that gives readers pay-per-article access to paywalled publications, all while sharing revenue with newsrooms.

About Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs 

Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, Inc. (HAE) is a volunteer-managed non-profit organization with 18 Chapters worldwide, connecting over 18,000 Harvard alumni, faculty, students, and friends from across the University and throughout the world. 

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