BizWorld UAE Brings Entrepreneurship Education to Children in the Region

Entrepreneurs / 3rd October 2016

BizWorld UAE, a new social-enterprise which provides entrepreneurship education programs for elementary and middle school children, recently launched its operations in the Middle East implementing pilot programs in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

BizWorld UAE, part of Future Entrepreneurs DMCC and headquartered in Dubai, is spearheaded by Jordanian businesswoman Helen Al-Uzaizi. BizWorld programs aim to nurture children’s entrepreneurial spirit and develop their leadership skills through comprehensive entrepreneurship exercises specially designed for students between the ages of seven to 15. The programs specifically focus on developing students’ creative thinking and problem solving skills in addition to building their resilience and self-confidence. The programs also focus on instilling a sense of optimism, empathy, and the importance of giving back to the community.

Al-Uzaizi commented, “Launching BizWorld in the region represents a pioneering step for entrepreneurship education in the Middle East; we are strategically aligned with the region’s efforts to further develop the education system and promote entrepreneurship to its young and ambitious youth.” She further explained, “Improving education and promoting entrepreneurship are the highest priorities for governments across the entire Middle East as these are the most viable solutions to the current social and unemployment challenges facing the region.”

After implementing the pilot program in Jordan and the UAE, BizWorld is planning to expand its operations to cover more markets across the Middle East in the near future. “We are instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in our children to nurture a generation of capable leaders and empowered individuals who will shape the future of the Middle East, regardless of the career path they choose,” Al-Uzaizi concluded.

BizWorld is being supported by major regional organizations through partnerships with Aramex as a shipping sponsor and Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine as an official media partner.

About BizWorld UAE

BizWorld UAE, under Future Entrepreneurs DMCC, is affiliated with, an international organization headquartered in San Francisco, CA, whose mission is to empower children to become 21st century thinkers by awakening their entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring them to become the architects of their futures, and giving them the confidence to transform their world. Since 1997, has provided three, project based programs, school curricula, BizWorld®, BizMovie® and BizWiz™ to educators all over the world. To date, more than 600,000 students in more than 100 countries have had the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the critical-thinking, leadership, and teamwork skills that are needed to tackle real-world challenges. Based on data from our educator classrooms, 98 percent of classes show an increase in business, entrepreneurship, and financial knowledge after completing programs.

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