Blue Jay Wireless Expands to California, Adding Jobs in the Community

Career Climbers / 13th April 2016

Blue Jay Wireless, LLC announces that it has expanded its service area to the state of California, and has begun enrolling customers in the California LifeLine Program.

In preparation for the launch, Blue Jay has brought 50 Samaritans on board, and in doing so, has created jobs in the community. Samaritans are what Blue Jay calls its sales staff that work to serve both Blue Jay’s customers and the community.  While Starbuck’s has its Barista, Blue Jay has its Samaritan. Blue Jay’s Samaritan program seeks out individuals to serve in the community, like Veterans with a history of service to their country and who believe in that philosophy. Samaritans can also be those that have overcome hardships in their lives, such as homelessness or unemployment. They serve as part of the company’s team in each of their own communities and help bring vital communication services to others in need. “We’re very excited to start helping the local communities get connected and allow customers to begin communicating with potential employers, family and emergency services,” stated Bryant Cloud, Blue Jay Wireless National Sales Manager. Blue Jay Samaritans are required to give a minimum of one day per month back to the community in service for a good cause and are compensated as a regular work day for doing so.

An alarming fact is that California has the highest homeless rate of any other state, according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR). There are areas within some of the larger California cities that have been pinpointed as homeless ‘hotspots,’ so the need is there. Samaritans began their work last month in the Golden State, and are there to make a difference. Mobile enrollment sites will be available and Blue Jay plans to expand throughout the entire state in the near future.

Blue Jay Wireless General Counsel Melissa Slawson shares, “The addition of California is an exciting and highly anticipated addition to our Lifeline service territory. The opportunity to provide California LifeLine service means the opportunity to provide free unlimited voice, text and low-cost broadband services to a population that might otherwise not be able to afford them. California brings us one step closer to helping to bridge the digital divide and provide superior service to eligible consumers. 

Source: Blue Jay Wireless, L.L.C.

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