Compensation Remains #1 Factor for Students Choosing New Jobs 

Career Climbers / 16th October 2023

This year, the 2023 World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE) rankings favor companies that offer high future earningscompetitive pay, and professional training and development

“The 2023 WMAE rankings showcase hard-won wins by traditional employer brands like JP Morgan and Mercedes Benz, both of which gained significant ground this year,” says Yusuf Azoz, Chief Executive Officer, Universum.

Universum, the global leader in employer branding, surveyed over 172,000 students in business, engineering, and IT from the nine largest economies between October 2022 and May 2023. The research found: 

Apple and Google retained top-ranking spots in 2023. Business students choose Apple, Google and JP Morgan more than any other employer brand; engineering students favor Google, Microsoft and BMW Group; and IT students rank Google, Microsoft and Apple in their top three. 

Facebook continues its tumble – Ranked #35 for business students, #34 for engineering students, and #18 for IT students- down 6, 10, and 3 points, respectively.

Tesla raced up the rankings in 2023. It appeared for the first time in the business student rankings at #38, scored #16 among engineers (up 10 points), and #19 for IT students (up 9 points). 

Flexible working and work-life balance are even more important in 2023 – a continuation of a multi-year rise for both of these key attractors. 

Universum Global Account Director Richard Mosley says the 2023 study offers a unique look at the real-life trade-offs students make when they choose their first employer: “Quality of life factors like flexible working and work-life balance are both priorities for young people, but students are willing to ‘trade’ these for other factors such as higher pay or good references.” 

To read about these issues and more, download a full-length copy of the World’s Most Attractive Employers report:

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