Family Office Real Estate Institute Launched to Provide Executive Education for the Family Office Industry

MBA Blog / 7th May 2021

 Family Office Real Estate is pleased to announce the Van Keuren Family Office Real Estate Institute (FOREI). The Institute will be offering Executive Education programs to help grow family office real estate expertise and handle critical challenges using nationally recognized faculty from Wharton, Harvard, the University of Denver, and industry experts around the country. The Institute is named after DJ Van Keuren, a longtime family office real estate industry expert. (

The inaugural course, Family Office Real Estate Investing, will be offered June 2nd, 3rd, 8th & 9th in online format due to Covid. The program covers real estate market cycles and market analysis, finance and investment, real estate tax and law, portfolio construction, portfolio management (including a case study on real estate portfolio management), the business of family office real estate, and sponsor underwriting, all specifically designed for the family office. As part of the inaugural class, the first five family offices that enrol can receive a real estate portfolio analysis of their investments.

Glenn R. Mueller, PhD a 45-year real estate veteran, will lead the first class. He is a professor at University of Denver’s Burns School of Real Estate and the Real Estate Investment Strategist at Black Creek Group. He is a former builder/developer and has worked with institutional investors and public REITs for the past 31 years.

“With real estate being such an important asset class for families, there are unmet needs in education for family offices, family members, and family office executives,” Mueller said. “Bringing institutional-level sophistication to family office investors in real estate should be a great leap forward.”

FOREI ( will offer multiday courses throughout the year both online and at a university campus. The executive education programs, certificate programs, and courses will be open to family offices, family members, family office executives, and family office professionals. Mueller says that course offerings will help families that have an established real estate company or whose wealth was created elsewhere and need to start learning about the process of real estate investing.

According to the Family Office Real Estate Magazine surveys, real estate makes up an average of 22% of family offices’ investment portfolio. Collectively, US family offices have about $2.1 trillion invested in real estate. In general, Van Keuren says, “real estate represents the largest generator of income and wealth for families, outside of the businesses that originally earned them their fortunes.”

The Van Keuren Family Office Real Estate Institute is a resource hub for family real estate businesses and family offices, providing executive education, certificates, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Founded in 2017, Family Office Real Estate is committed to engaging with family offices advancing real estate education, cultivating critical and creative thought, and generating knowledge through its podcasts, videos, magazine, annual family office real estate investing study, and consortium events. For additional information, visit the Family Office Real Estate Institute’s website (www.fore.Institute), or follow the Institute on Facebook and Twitter. FOREI is globally recognized as a leader in providing Family Office Real Estate education, research and networking. FOREI is committed to helping families grow and maintain legacy wealth.

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