HubSpot Partners with Pipe to Help Startups Unlock up to $100m in Fee-Free Funding

Entrepreneurs / 1st April 2022

HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, has announced a partnership with alternative financing platform Pipe in which Pipe will provide access to a total of $100 million in fee-free funding for HubSpot for Startups customers, while Pipe customers will receive a 30% discount on HubSpot’s CRM Suite. The partnership enables startups to pursue business growth with HubSpot’s market-leading CRM platform while accessing growth capital through Pipe.

For founders who are looking to scale their businesses, the prospect of raising capital while managing the operations of their companies can feel especially daunting. The process often requires business leaders to take time away from their responsibilities to manage the logistics of fundraising, which can stifle productivity and inhibit growth. With its ability to reduce friction in this process, Pipe is at the forefront of alternative financing platforms by allowing startups to transform their recurring revenue into up-front capital–freeing up executives’ time to focus on growth. Just as HubSpot is helping millions of organizations manage their customer relationships and integrate their tech stack seamlessly, Pipe’s platform helps companies finance growth on their own terms without restrictive debt or dilution.

“At HubSpot, we know that growing startups need marketing, sales and service skills; the right tools to implement these skills; and the capital to invest in these strategies,” said Andrew Lindsay, SVP of corporate & business development at HubSpot. “This new partnership with Pipe deepens our commitment to helping young startups via quick and easy access to the capital they need to scale.”

Startups can access this program in one of three ways:

  • New and existing Pipe customers will receive 30% off HubSpot’s CRM Suite to help expand their reach and build their brands.
  • New and existing HubSpot for Startups customers will receive access to up to $100 million in fee-free financing on Pipe’s platform to scale their businesses.
  • Interested startups that are not currently Pipe or HubSpot For Startups customers can still apply for the program after becoming a customer of any of the program’s affiliated partners.

“Pipe is committed to giving startup founders the resources to grow on their terms by giving them direct access to the capital markets,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Customer Officer at Pipe. “By partnering with HubSpot, we’re making access to growth capital available to millions of companies, along with the tools to help customers scale their businesses. It’s a win-win for startups.”

This partnership is launching a year after HubSpot announced its investment in Pipe through HubSpot Ventures, which found a common focus in Pipe’s ability to utilize ecosystem partnerships to drive growth. It adds to HubSpot’s continued commitment to arming startups with the resources they need to be successful, which can be seen through its investments in programs like HubSpot Academy, HubSpot for Startups, and HubSpot Ventures.

To learn more about this partnership or to apply, please visit

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