New Ed-Tech Partnership Highlights the Importance of Game-Changing Governance Training

Career Climbers / 24th June 2024

The Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) is strategically partnering with Acacia Training, a leading specialised career package provider, to provide game-changing corporate governance education for Acacia clients’ career development. 

A growing number of companies and organisations are experiencing issues in sourcing the right talent for their leadership roles and the boardroom. A real pain point is that boards struggle to recruit for specific expertise/skills such as ESG and digital transformation.

Acquiring these skills can only be achieved through dedicated qualifications, designed with the modern corporate governance landscape in mind, and led by experts in the field.

This is what is now on offer to Acacia clients as part of their career-building journey.

Ciaran Bollard, CGI’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Corporate leaders are crucial to success no matter what industry you’re working in, but while it’s a rewarding career, responsibilities are increasing.

“In the face of stricter government regulations and a more competitive business landscape, dedicated training has never mattered more.

“That’s why we’re very excited to announce this game-changing partnership with Acacia Training. The company’s years of experience and uniquely tailored career packages are exactly what the modern professional needs to broaden their skill set. We’re thrilled to partner with such learned expertise.

“In addition, CGI qualifications will give Acacia clients a vital set of modern governance skills that they can use in their leadership careers for years to come.”

Victoria Sylvester, the CEO of Acacia Training, said “The partnership between the Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) and Acacia Training represents a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering leadership excellence. At Acacia Training, we recognise the growing demand for specialised skills in the boardroom, particularly in areas like ESG and Governance, and as an approved B-corp organisation ourselves we understand the importance of these boardroom skills. Our collaboration with CGI allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled access to dedicated corporate governance training, which is crucial in today’s dynamic and highly regulated business environment.

“The tailored career packages and comprehensive training programs we offer will empower business leaders, governance specialists, directors, and aspiring leaders to develop the skills they need to navigate the complexities of modern corporate governance. We are thrilled to partner with CGI, whose esteemed qualifications will enhance the capabilities of our clients and prepare them for successful, impactful careers in leadership.

“This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of creating a new generation of corporate leaders who are equipped to drive positive change and sustainable growth. Together, we are committed to delivering outstanding training that will not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of the corporate world.”


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