New tech startup, Normal, receives financial investment from Silicon Valley digital leader to empower small businesses with an innovative robo-consultant

Career Climbers / 14th September 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic and global warming continue to impact the world, Normal is building a digital platform that allows MSMEs to modernize their operations and implement sustainable and profitable growth.

With the help of their fully automated “robo-consultant”, small business owners finally have access to tailored, expert advice without the hefty price tag that usually comes with human consultants. An MSME owner simply logs into the platform, shares some information about how their company is set up, and then sees recommended actions they can take to achieve their goals. Each potential action focuses on solving real challenges the owner is facing and is broken down into easy-to-follow steps that guide them throughout the entire implementation process. By prioritizing smart industry initiatives with sustainability as a result rather than a focal point, Normal helps small companies overcome the dilemma between driving profits versus becoming more sustainable.

The collective impact of small companies is massive and often underestimated. Given the right support, the more than 350 million small businesses around the globe will play a leading role in achieving the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. With MSMEs comprising 93% of the global economy and emitting over 50% of the global pollution, the founders of Normal realized that large-scale automation is the most promising solution for achieving significant and lasting positive impact on small businesses before the end of this decade.

As Normal co-founder Adrian Finzelberg says, “Most people focus on the sustainability of large corporations as the biggest hurdle to overcome climate change.” His co-founder David Aguirre adds, “But the real challenge is to reach and support the millions of local shops and services that need help changing their ways.”

Normal just received its first investment from an influential leader in Silicon Valley to develop its unique software platform and is now inviting more impact- and technology-focused investors to join the Pre-Seed round and help implement widescale economic, social, and environmental progress among MSMEs.

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