Next-Level Flex Business Education: Torrens University’s MBA (On Demand)

MBA Blog / 1st July 2024

For executives and aspiring leaders seeking to develop new skills and propel themselves forward, the time-honoured Master of Business Administration (MBA) has long stood out as a beacon of opportunity. However, for many working professionals, the prospect of further education can seem unattainable amidst the demands of an already busy career and personal life.

Enter Torrens University Australia, a trailblazer in the realm of higher education. Since its beginnings in 2014, Torrens University has rapidly grown into one of Australia’s premier institutions, now boasting a diverse student body representing over 124 nationalities. With campuses across four major Australian cities and a global reach through strategic industry partnerships, Torrens University has established itself as a leader in innovative education, featuring three times in the top 10 “Most Innovative Companies” awards from the Australian Financial Review. 

Under the progress-driven leadership of President & Co-CEO Linda Brown, EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022, Torrens University has consistently championed a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and ethical business. As a Certified B Corporation, the university is also committed to driving positive social impact through education, empowering individuals from all walks of life to pursue success on their own terms.

It’s no surprise, then, that this cutting-edge Australian university is among the world’s first to launch a new model of MBA course delivery online. The MBA (On Demand) launched just last year now makes it even easier for anyone, anywhere, to access business education no matter their schedule. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking curriculum, Torrens University is revolutionising business education online. So, how is it different from the myriad online MBAs out there?

 The simple answer is that it’s not just a typical MBA moved to an online space; it’s a fresh, next-level digital, flexible, learner-driven delivery model.

Firstly, it offers the assessment-as-learning model rather than traditional scaffolded learning. Whether on campus or online, traditional MBA delivery comes in a scaffolded learning format, where a student begins with module one, and when that’s completed, they move on to module two. In this model, each piece of knowledge builds on what preceded it. While effective, this learning model is fairly inflexible: a student must follow the established learning schedule regardless of prior knowledge or life’s demands. 

This model assumes that the educational institution is the student’s only source of knowledge and learning. However, in 2024, everyone has knowledge at their fingertips and on their phones, delivered across a range of online media. MBA students, particularly executives, come to their education with existing, diverse knowledge bases and can quickly access new information.

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