Rutgers Business School Executive Education Launches Marketing Campaign

MBA Blog / 11th November 2016

In the new world of executive education, corporate training isn’t just about lectures, case studies and team exercises. A new marketing campaign by Rutgers Business School Executive Education aims to show how individuals and corporations can “Breakthrough with Brilliance” by leveraging executive education to remain relevant and competitive in today’s fast-changing corporate environment.

Rutgers Business School’s new marketing campaign will focus on continuous growth and professional achievement through executive education.

“Our clients understand that the path to success is not a straight line or a finish line. Individuals and companies must evolve and adapt for continuous growth to achieve real progress,” said Jackie Scott, global program director at Rutgers Business School Executive Education.

“It’s our job to figure out how to deliver the best training experience in the most innovative and cost-effective way,” Scott said. “It’s such an incredibly exciting task to have, knowing that we have the responsibility to help our clients understand how to approach a problem from a new lens and a different perspective, which often leads to breakthrough thinking.”

A “breakthrough” can be a small step in the right direction or a complete change of direction, yet both examples require a growth mindset. Companies recognize this and are increasingly investing more in developing internal talent and building a leadership pipeline. Most fast-track professionals don’t have the time to return to school for a full time MBA. It is here that customized corporate programs, self-paced online offerings and Mini-MBAs have garnered great interest.

Learning new skills, concepts and practices on the fly requires some self-awareness and the ability to ask oneself, “are my skills relevant today and am I prepared for the future of the organization?”

This powerful insight led to the launch of the “Breakthrough with Brilliance” movement. This campaign celebrates program participants, Rutgers Business School faculty, extended global faculty and corporate partners. Rutgers has started this compelling conversation with its team of executive education partners who choose to leverage learning experiences, remain relevant in today’s competitive marketplace and bring a growth mindset to work each and every day. As the campaign evolves, the conversation will expand to include even more corporate, educational and industry partnerships.

The first element of the new “Breakthrough with Brilliance” campaign debuted yesterday with an interview featuring Jack Jacobs, a Rutgers ROTC alum and member of the Rutgers Business School Military and Veterans Board of Advisers. Jacobs is a retired colonel in the United States Army and Medal of Honor recipient for his heroic and selfless actions during the Vietnam War. He currently serves as a military analyst for NBC News and MNSBC and an investment manager.

“It is such an honor to work with Jack Jacobs on helping our military and veterans transition back to civilian life and build meaningful careers. Jack has such an extraordinary story to share, and he is the epitome of our ‘Breakthrough with Brilliance’ campaign,” said Joseph Schaffer, associate dean of Rutgers Business School Executive Education.

The ongoing campaign will include a series of other interviews, alumni events, raw footage, client testimonials, webinars, corporate partner events, university events and social content highlighting Rutgers “Breakthrough with Brilliance” personas – ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.

To learn more about upcoming events, programs and the interview series, please visit the Rutgers Business School Executive Education website.

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