Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co. Opens its First Site Outside London; Launches the Mighty Franken Fraffle

Entrepreneurs / 19th September 2016

London’s newest independent and most indulgent British frozen yoghurt parlour, The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co., has opened its first site outside of London, in Nottingham’s Intu Victoria Centre, proudly serving thick and creamy British-sourced fat-free frozen yoghurt and scrumptious toppings, thick smoothies and freshly made waffles. Frozen yoghurt lovers can be as virtuous or extravagant as they like, with a choice of fat free frozen yoghurts topped with fresh cut fruits, classic British biscuits and specialty baked treats and sauces.

While focusing on serving the tastiest and best possible frozen yoghurt (froyo) and toppings, and to maintain its unique philosophy of combining British tradition and innovation, Sloane Bros. have introduced a new product offering that’s quite simply a treat on a treat on a treat: 

To celebrate 200 years since Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, Sloane Bros. has introduced the Franken’ Fraffle®.

Sloane Bros say that since their expanding customer base and enthusiastic social media following reflect their customers’ love for both the company’s froyos and freshly-made waffles, the whole Sloane Bros. team put their heads together one evening to make a treat that had it all. They came up with the ultimate indulgent treat with a difference, containing all the tasty treats their customers know and love. A monster was created! However, unlike Mary Shelley’s creation, the Franken’ Fraffle® is real!

The Sloane Bros. commented: “Our customers tell us that our frozen yoghurt is just as good a tasting product as ice cream or gelato, but with either no or low fat content, and our waffles are extremely popular. The Franken’ Fraffle® combines both treats, and then some!  However, it remains virtually impossible to have all of Sloane Bros.’ delicious treats in one go, and the Franken Fraffle is a great sharing treat!”  

About Sloane Bros. Frozen Yoghurt Co.: 

Sloane Bros’ traditional British branding was conceived from the inspiration of a bygone era, which embraced the independent producer, an appreciation for world-renown British craftsmanship and the quality and taste of British dairy. The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt is the ultimate taste experience which promises quality and indulgence served up with a genuine passion and an overriding sense of fun.

The Sloane Bros.’ creamy frozen yoghurt, freshly made waffles and thick refreshing smoothies are available at both the company’s London Brick Lane and Nottingham’s Intu Victoria Centre locations.  

The Sloane Bros’ locations, with their unique clean and pastel colours and tilings, reflect the inspiration of British traditional dairy and traditional independent small businesses.  

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