New Research Reveals Almost Half of Female Tech Professionals are Experiencing Burnout

Career Climbers / 30th March 2023

Burnout remains a critical topic in tech. Marked, according to Psychology Today, by the three key dimensions of chronic exhaustion, chronic cynicism, and inefficacy, burnout is a physical, psychological, and...

Survey: Employees are Concerned About Job Security and Exploring Options, Engaging Less

Career Climbers / 15th December 2022

According to new survey data from isolved, a recipient of this month’s Technology Excellence Awards from Brandon Hall Group, the Great Resignation may trickle into 2023 with almost half of employees (49...

Stressed woman on laptop, workin

Burnout is a Syndrome: How to Lose the Workplace Blues

Career Climbers / 30th August 2019

Stressed at work? Take a breath. You are not alone. While the World Health Organisation (WHO) is just now recognising burnout, a result of stress, as an “occupational phenomenon,” the...