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Is the death of email about to change the office for good?

Career Climbers / 14th November 2016

Britain’s offices could be set for a revolution according to workplace design experts – thanks to the impending death of email. A new age of flexible and agile working is...

Workplace relocation: an eight-point plan for a successful move

Career Climbers / 23rd September 2016

Workplaces are one of the greatest costs any organisation has to meet so how do business owners and managers select the right space to suit employees, clients and budget? A...

It’s more bored room than boardroom in 2016 – Brits have their best business ideas at their desk, in their car or even in the shower!

Career Climbers / 2nd June 2016

British workers no longer have their best ideas while sitting in the boardroom – or even when having that ‘watercooler moment’ according to a new poll of office workers. The...