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Employers Encouraged not to Lose Sight of Gender Equality Amid Crisis

Career Climbers / 7th May 2020

Gender pay gap reporting has been suspended in the UK due to the “unprecedented uncertainty and pressure” faced by companies due to the Covid-19 crisis. Although the reporting is not...

Closing The ‘Gender Entrepreneurship Gap’

Entrepreneurs / 18th April 2020

A study, which reveals that men are twice as likely to start a new business in the UK as women, has been used to shape UK government policy. The research,...

Conflict Style Could Impact Gender Pay-Gap As More Women Are Co-Operative Than Assertive During Conflict

Career Climbers / 9th March 2020

Conflict style may be related to the ‘glass ceiling’ problem. This is according to a study from The Myers-Briggs Company, a leading business psychology organisation which reveals that women are...

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UK Employees Running Out Of Patience With Gender Pay Gap

Career Climbers / 29th March 2019

With the second gender pay gap reporting deadline fast approaching, nearly a quarter of UK employees (23%) believe that reporting should be introduced in their organisation. Introduced in the UK...

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Four In Ten Private Companies Report That Their Gender Pay Gap Has Widened

Career Climbers / 21st February 2019

Almost a year on since the implementation of businesses having to report their gender pay gap and the difference in wages between the sexes is wider ever with four out...