How To Get Colleagues On Board With The LinkedIn Ambassador Project

Career Climbers / 1st May 2024

Promoting the Ambassador Role  Being a company Ambassador is an honour. Sell it this way. It’s not a chore; it’s not something else ‘to be done’. Embracing the Ambassador role...

A Team of MIT, Harvard and Stanford Scientists Find Weaker Ties Are More Beneficial For Job Seekers On LinkedIn

Career Climbers / 20th September 2022

Employment is a critical issue impacting the economy, and it gained even more attention during the pandemic with the elimination or transformation of tens of millions of jobs around the...

man holding dollars

The Executive MBA Council and LinkedIn Team Up to Measure Return on Education for Executive MBA Graduates

MBA Blog / 28th November 2017

The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC), in collaboration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, answered the age old question: ‘Is an Executive MBA worth it?’ According to respondents of more than 1,000 Executive MBA (EMBA)...