The Benefits of Combining Studying With Work In Spain

MBA Blog / 7th December 2018

GBSB Global Business School

Are you considering studying abroad in Spain? Madrid and Barcelona top the charts for being two highly international cities with vibrant economies, boasting international businesses, cutting-edge technologies, fashion, tourism, and more. There is no better professional environment for balancing study with work opportunities. Leading companies like Santander Bank, British Airways, Glovo, Freixenet, Microsoft and many others are constantly on the lookout for MBA interns graduate recruits.

It may seem like a big commitment at first, juggling education with professional endeavours, but the pay-offs are huge. At GBSB Global Business School, we recommend taking full advantage of your time studying abroad by pairing your education with work. Gaining international work experience provides a point of difference, and a significant edge over one’s peers and competitors.

Want to know more? Here are five benefits of combining study with work:

1. Develop a new set of skills 

Take the knowledge you gain from your studies and put it to practical use. Combining study with work will play an important role in your personal and professional development. Don’t let what you’ve learned in the classroom fade. Place yourself in an environment that challenges you to tap into your newly acquired information and tests your ability to be successful in its execution. You will likely improve in managing your time, leading people, setting and meeting goals, keeping a positive, forward-thinking attitude, and working harder with more direction.

2. Don’t stress the tuition fees 

Landing a good job is a great way to manage and repay debt, and allows you to focus on long-term plans. With a fixed salary you are able to pay tuition fees and maybe even save some extra cash for the future.

3. Gain invaluable work experience 

Add value to your CV. Showcasing your ability to work in a highly diverse, fast-paced global environment demonstrates flexibility, open-mindedness, and cultural sensitivity. Working in Spain may even pave the way to better job opportunities and more advanced study programmes that perhaps require extensive work experience, such as an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

4. Work and study at the same time 

Courses at GBSB Global Business School are scheduled to allow students the freedom and flexibility to gain full or part-time employment. Many students who study full-time during the day take on internships or employment opportunities in the afternoon or evening. With the Spanish work schedule, the hours are more flexible than in other parts of Europe and so provide students with a wider variety of employment options.

5. You are not the only one

It has become increasingly popular to work and study, which is why universities like GBSB Global Business School have adapted their courses to be more flexible, offering part-time and online study options. Here is a list of the programmes offered at GBSB Global: click here!

Consider your options

College studies and full-time work might seem daunting, but there are a number of options to consider. Let’s put things into perspective and see what works for you:

1. Students Visa

As non-European citizens, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in Spain on a student visa. Any GBSB Global student with a student visa can work up to four hours per day by obtaining a special work permit. While the permit is not difficult to acquire, some companies may prefer to hire individuals that can work full-time. The visa is useful if someone wants to earn additional money by working as a barkeep or server, for example.

The work permit that allows students to engage in full-time employment (up to three months) is only valid when there are no classes. This means students will only be able to work outside of the scheduled academic year, i.e. during the summer break. This path is preferred when the job cannot be deemed an internship and it does not relate to the student’s studies.

2. Part-time work or part-time study…

Taking some of the pressure off, either from work or study, reduces stress and improves overall performance. Find the programme that is right for you. What field do you want to study and when are the classes offered? Work with one of our advisors to find the course or programme that’s right for you.

3. Online study

Distance-learning options are increasingly attractive given the high demand for flexible study programmes. Studying online is a great way to save time, money, and stay connected to a diverse student body and professional faculty with years of real-world business experience. Here is a list of GBSB Global’s online course offerings: click here!

4. Internships

Even though some internships might not offer a salary, they do provide excellent networking opportunities, are an invaluable source of business experience, and offer free training and development. Finding a good internship at a respectable company could pave the way for the future. In most cases, internships have led to full-time employment opportunities after graduation. Normally, internships are not as demanding and are easier to juggle with a full course load.

Whatever you decide, taking the time to gain hands-on experience working in Spain during your study abroad programme will be extremely beneficial in the long run. Not only will you have earned a highly recognised degree from GBSB Global Business School, you will also feel more confident and well prepared to meet the demands of the international marketplace with competitive experience. Invest in your career and make the commitment. Balancing work with study in Spain can really pay off.

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