These ‘Nobodies’ Are Shaking Up The Startup Landscape

Career Climbers / 4th January 2023

They call themselves “Nobodies,” but the talented team at Nobody Studios is seeking to transform the startup world with its Crowd-infused™ approach to venture building, wealth creation, and global impact.

Nobody Studios’ mission is an audacious one: to create 100 compelling companies over the next five years—and it’s working.

A venture studio headquartered in Los Angeles, with global teams stretching from New York to London, Tel Aviv, and Manila, Nobody Studios is proving to be a high-velocity company creation machine ready to shake up the startup world and venture investing.

The company has recently partnered with Republic, a leading private investment platform, to implement its Crowd-infused™ approach to venture investing by being one of the first venture studios to offer equity crowdfunding and make early-stage company ownership accessible to all.

“Nobody Studios is pioneering the future for venture building, investing, and ownership. We’ve built a business to create startups at a velocity and scale never seen before—and believe everyone should have the opportunity to ideate, contribute and own a part of it with us,” said Nobody Studios Chief Nobody (or CEO), Mark S. McNally.

Nobody Studios is building companies faster and leaner by leveraging the power of their crowd to reduce time and cost to market by 40% and achieve a company success rate of twice that of traditional startups.

Startup studios, on average, have a 53% investment return rate compared to 21% for traditional VCs. Interestingly, studios’ time from zero to Series A funding is half that of our traditional startups too, 25 months as compared to 56.

Examples of the key benefits of Nobody Studios’ venture studio model include:

  • Ability to pause, merge, and even split companies in their portfolio to migrate risk and unlock value.
  • Engage their global network of Nobodies to ideate, test, and launch businesses all over the world leveraging their existing networks, relationships, and localized business knowledge.
  • Attract world-class talent by giving contributors greater ownership of the early-stage businesses they help get off the ground.
  • Instantly diversify investors’ risks by not just owning a piece of Nobody Studios, but each investor owns a stake in every company the studio creates forever!
  • More frequent returns, due to more frequent exits, and greater wealth creation for every Nobody involved in the studio.

Nobodies already include top executives from prestigious companies such as Amazon, American Airlines, Facebook, Google, Skype, Stripe, Coca-Cola, and Volkswagen.

This added to a team of 100 employees and consultants with 40-plus startups that have amassed more than $5 billion in company exits and $9 billion in IPOs makes Nobody Studios a formidable force to be reckoned with.

“To accomplish our goal of 100 companies in five years (and many more in the following years), we’ll need a tremendous amount of talent, influence, and capital,” said Tiffany Hansen, vice president of operations at Nobody Studios.

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