Russian Chess Master Anatoly Karpov To Take On Challengers At EU Business School

MBA Blog / 19th April 2018

A select group of students from EU Business School as well as guests will have the unique opportunity to test their chess skills against one of the world’s greatest-ever players when Russian Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov visits its Montreux campus on April 24. Karpov, who has been crowned world champion on no fewer than seven occasions, will play 12 games simultaneously during his visit to the prestigious business school.

During his visit, the 66-year-old will also offer a presentation talking about his life in chess and show off part of his renowned stamp collection, compiled over the past six decades and among the most famous in the world. Karpov’s collection, which will be on view until the following day (April 25), includes one of just fourteen examples of the ‘inverted Termode’, a stamp featuring an upside-down building published erroneously in Belgium in 1918. The stamp is thought to be worth around $100,000, and Karpov’s overall collection of stamps and other relics has been valued by some experts at $15 million. The visit is part of Karpov’s ongoing efforts to promote the game of chess, more than 50 years after he became the youngest-ever Soviet National Master at the age of just 15. Since withdrawing from top-level chess Karpov has served as President of the Soviet Peace Fund and he joins a glittering list of individuals who have spoken at EU, including former President of the Swiss Confederation Adolf Ogi and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Mr. Luc Craen, vice-president & managing director of EU Business School, stated, “This is a unique opportunity for EU students and guests to learn from a lifetime of experience and passion for the game of chess. The focus and strategy needed to become a world-renowned chess master are also paramount to business. We’re sure that Mr. Karpov will provide our students and guests with invaluable tips and inspiration for their future success. We’re looking forward to watching him playing 12 of our guests all at once and to seeing his world-class stamp collection which is a genuine work of art.”

The visit by Anatoly Karpov forms part of EU Business School’s learning from leaders’ series whereby world-leading figures join EU students to inspire and share their experiences with them. In his declarations Mr. Luc Craen also said, “We aim to provide our students with practical, real-world tuition which will allow them to thrive in both their personal and professional lives after leaving our campuses. We regularly invite leaders who have made their mark on the world to share their experiences with our students and we are delighted that they will now have the opportunity to learn and grow from this true master.”

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