Land Your Dream Job: Gain the Qualifications & Knowledge To Stand Out

MBA Blog / 8th November 2018

What does it take to make a good impression on your future employer? Graduating from a top name university and having high marks will not make the same impression on human resource managers as it might have in the past. The world of business is changing. University accreditation is important, but having a comprehensive knowledge of business processes and practices plays a critical factor in the employment market.  

What does this mean for students today? Knowing what your future employer is looking for is the key to making an impression that will help you stand out when you’re up against a pile of other CVs. Having the right certifications, accreditations, and proficiencies make all the difference, increasing your marketability in today’s highly competitive and globalised society.

For MBA students, GBSB Global recommends the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) designation. MOS certification is an internationally recognised award, designed by Microsoft and their official partners. Will it make a difference? As reported by a CompTIA study (2011), 86% of hiring managers revealed that the MOS certification is one of the most influential when it comes to assessing a candidate’s eligibility.

It is advantageous for GBSB Global future financial managers to earn an ACCA qualification. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the oldest global body for professional accountants.

GBSB Global Business School has been recognised as the only ACCA Approved Learning Provider in Spain. Employers from across the globe trust ACCA to insure their businesses operate effectively at the highest level, internationally. ACCA qualifications are designed in close collaboration with international employers so that  ACCA students and members are equipped to work in today’s ever-evolving business world, and able to face financial hurdles head on.

ACCA successfully collaborates with over 7,400 approved employers and 80 accountancy partnerships worldwide, and connects its members with thousands of vacancies through the ACCA Careers Job Board.

For MBA students who often design and give professional presentations, orchestrate company strategies and vie for investment, etc., GBSB Global would advise students to look for innovative initiatives that give them the upper hand in senior management administration.

GBSB Global Business School partners with ‘think-cell’, an advanced software company founded in Berlin, Germany. The collaboration gives students the opportunity to work with progressive tools within the Microsoft Suite, namely PowerPoint and Excel, giving them the capacity to create and visualise dynamic tables and data for business purposes.

GBSB Global offers students the ability to generate professional presentations throughout their studies, utilising the functionality of Power-user, a productivity add-in for PowerPoint and Excel with over 100,000 users. Students are given access to Power-user SaaS, a collection of a dozen tools, in addition to the traditional functionalities applicable to PowerPoint and Excel.

It is increasingly viable to educate students on the significance of using an array of tools to successfully operate a business and stay competitive with peers.

By embedding innovative programmes and technology into our curriculum, GBSB Global Business School provides students with the rare opportunity to become acquainted and proficient with the tools shaping the world of business today.

There is no equation that guarantees success. With advanced preparation and investment in your education, there is a greater probability of being recognised for your accreditations and achievements.

Don’t choose just any school, choose an institution recognised for changing the way business is taught today, preparing tomorrow’s leaders with the proficiencies necessary to make an impact on the world of business.

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