RADA Business Launches New Personal Development Course to Master the Art of Leadership

Career Climbers / 23rd April 2019

A new course crafted to help business leaders create a powerful presence in the workplace is launching in June by RADA Business, the commercial arm of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, following the success of their existing leadership programme.

The leading global training and consultancy provider offers a range of leadership courses, including The Leading Role and Leadership in Action, working with delegates at a range of leadership stages to equip them with skills and techniques to communicate with authenticity and impact.

The Leading Role is their most senior leadership programme. It’s an intensive three-day course designed for those with at least 10 years’ leadership experience. It goes beyond the pages of leadership theory and allows participants to test, practise and build outstanding communication skills across the full spectrum of leadership characteristics. It bridges the gap between the leader you are and the leader you want to be.

Leadership in Action is a two-day course designed for those in the early stages of a leadership role who want to practise the skills and techniques needed to refine their own personal brand of leadership, and realise their own ambitions alongside the goals of their team. It’s perfect for leaders who are line-managing or heading a team for the first time.

Their newest course, Creating a Powerful Leadership Presence, sits between the other leadership courses to complete the three-tier programme. It’s designed for senior leaders, heads of, or those in directorial roles who have ample experience leading teams in the workplace.

Taking place over three days, the course will encourage participants to understand the intellectual, emotional and physical art of leadership. They will embark on a journey grounded in practical exercises, building on theatre training and role-play as a way to discover resilience and flexibility in any given scenario – both skills that will allow leaders to deliver their best performance in business. Two specialist leadership tutors offer in depth, individual coaching and feedback, alongside four highly skilled role-play actors.

Leaders will discover new techniques, learning how to lead with openness and honesty whilst adopting skills to help inspire those around them. It will allow participants to understand their surroundings and the behaviours of a powerful leader, adapting these skills into their own unique style, which they can introduce to their own company.

The course encourages leaders to drive change within their organisation by learning how to deliver difficult messages with authenticity, which in turn will encourage the best performance from their team. By mastering an authentic presence, leaders can introduce the value of vulnerability and encourage their team to do the same. It’s important for leaders to challenge people appropriately whilst still communicating with clarity to protect working relationships.

Katie Lightfoot, Client Manager at RADA Business said: “We’re delighted to be able to expand our course programme further with the addition of a new leadership course, where techniques from acting training will be used to help build greater leadership presence in business. It’s a way for participants to master the art of leadership with a course that is based on a collective understanding of the intellectual, emotional and physical art that is involved.

We have worked with many professionals, helping them to transform their performance at work, allowing them to flex their style and be ready for any given situation in business. Our aim is to change the lives of leaders by allowing them to discover how to lead with openness, honesty and be the most authentic version of themselves. By embodying the behaviours of a brilliant leader, delegates can inspire those around them and shape a culture in which everyone can do their best work.’’

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