Her Campus Media Launches New Platform “Generation Hired” To Connect Gen Z with Internships & Entry-Level Jobs Amidst COVID-19

Career Climbers / 15th December 2020

Her Campus Media, the #1 media portfolio for college students and Gen Z, announces “Generation Hired,” a brand new platform created for Gen Z-ers seeking internships and entry-level positions to connect with employers. Finding that first job or internship is challenging enough for college students in any year. This year, not only has COVID-19 decimated the job market on the whole, but it has also impacted the job search process for college students and recent graduates even more so, as most on-campus recruitment — which represents a significant factor in many college students landing jobs each year — has been cancelled.

The impetus for creating Generation Hired came even before COVID-19 made the platform all the more urgent, from Her Campus Media’s realization over its 10+ years interacting with both students and the companies that seek to hire them that the current job market is broken. Job seekers feel like their applications are getting sent into an abyss after blasting out hundreds of resumes and cover letters and receiving little to no response from hiring companies, while employers often feel they are flooded with unqualified applicants that do not fill their needs and still struggle to find top talent. Her Campus Media saw the problem from both sides and knew something new and innovative was needed to adapt the job search process and eliminate the inefficiencies that currently exist to result in what everyone is looking for: college students landing jobs they want, and companies filling their open positions with qualified talent — and it all happening efficiently. Their solution – Generation Hired.

Generation Hired, presented by Neutrogena®, is the platform that will finally match employers with the next generation of movers, shakers and game-changers. Job seekers create a profile on the platform (free of charge), employers then filter to find job seekers they want to match with, and the job seekers are notified via text of the employer interest. If the interest is mutual, they are connected to chat and can then take it from there. Generation Hired will feature employers from a variety of industries including finance, marketing, beauty, fashion, technology, entertainment, and much more.

“Her Campus Media has always been on the pulse of college students and we know that finding jobs and internships has always been a top priority and concern for this audience. As we’ve had more and more companies approach us to create recruiting-centric campaigns specifically to reach our job-seeking audience, and as we’ve heard from these companies about how difficult it is for them to find top talent when we know students would jump at so many of these opportunities, we knew there was a disconnect and we needed to find a solution,” said Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media. “Generation Hired is designed to help bridge the gap between employers and college students/recent graduates by creating a platform that is more in tune with how this generation communicates, dates, and more—they want to know the interest is mutual, and if it isn’t, they don’t want to waste their time. We don’t want COVID-19 to put another generation behind in the workforce, and that’s what we’re at an acute risk of right now. It’s our goal through this new platform to make sure that Gen Z is the generation that gets hired.”

In addition to offering a way to connect candidates with employers, Generation Hired will also provide premium content on a regular basis including webinars to help educate and arm Gen Z-ers with the tools they need to secure employment, all completely free. Examples include virtual interviewing tips, follow-up dos and don’ts, and actionable ways to network effectively. 

Her Campus Media is a brand dedicated to supporting college students at all times, as well as during the pandemic, with their most recent initiative supporting the graduating class of 2020 via their virtual graduation “I’m Still Graduating“, which gave 2020 graduating seniors an epic, national, virtual graduation ceremony featuring high-profile speakers as well as student speakers and performers, and which received over 1 million live streams when it took place in May.

To learn more, please visit generationhired.com and follow along on social at @generationhired.

About Her Campus Media
Her Campus Media is the #1 media portfolio for Gen Z and 360-degree college marketing agency, reaching 100MM+ social followers and 13MM+ monthly unique visitors across its family of brands Her Campus, Spoon University, College Fashionista, InfluenceHer Collective, and Generation Hired. Leveraging its digital, social, experiential, influencer and on-campus reach, Her Campus Media provides award-winning integrated marketing programs for leading brands. Her Campus has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, PR Week, CNN Money, and more, and has been named to Entrepreneur magazine’s Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America, Forbes 100 Best Websites for Women and 10 Best Websites for Millennial Women among other accolades.

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