#WorkFair 2022: Job Opportunities With Inclusive Employers So Professionals And Graduates Don’t Have To Return To The Closet

Career Climbers / 26th September 2022

Despite more companies touting their commitment to diversity and inclusion, encouraging individuals to be authentic at work, most professionals still fear revealing their true selves. Recent research has revealed that as many as three in five professionals still hide something about themselves from their employers. Additionally, many studies show LGBTQ+ graduates and professionals go back into the closet when they start a new job, despite intentions of #WorkingWithPride. According to organisations like Stonewall, around two-thirds of graduates who were open about their sexual orientation or gender identity before starting their first job went “back in the closet” when they started work.

To create awareness around this issue, myGwork – the largest global business platform for LGBTQ+ professionals, will be launching a campaign at its upcoming event #WorkFair on 19 October 2022. The campaign, created in partnership with Enactus, will feature graduates sharing why #WorkingWithPride matters. The campaign reveals why bringing your whole and authentic self to work and #WorkingWithPride is hugely important for professionals and graduates, particularly for younger generations entering the workplace right now.

LGBTQ+ professionals and graduates have confirmed that hiding a part of who they are and not being able to bring their authentic selves to work can negatively impact productivity and innovation and really limits their potential. One way that LGBTQ+ professionals and graduates can ensure they can be their authentic selves and work with pride is by applying for jobs with inclusive companies. “However, with so many companies being called out for performative allyship or rainbow washing lately, it can be difficult to find out which companies are truly progressive and inclusive and actually live up to their diversity and inclusion statements,” stated myGwork’s founders Adrien and Pierre Gaubert. “That’s why we created #WorkFair.”

WorkFair 2022 is the largest global virtual careers fair for the LGBTQ+ community, helping jobseekers land their dream role at truly inclusive companies. “Focusing on #WorkingWithPride, WorkFair 2022 powered by Highered this year is a great event for job seekers – be they professionals or graduates – to connect and apply for their dream roles in real-time with inclusive employers of choice, where they don’t have to hide their real identity,” added Adrien (CMO) and Pierre (CEO). 

#WorkFair will allow professionals to do just that while raising awareness of the importance of #WorkingWithPride. “The event is completely free for job seekers, whether they are experienced professionals, students or graduates, to access global inclusive LGBTQ+-friendly organisations that are ready and waiting to hire, as well as workshops to help improve personal branding, CV writing and interviewing skills.”

Over the last three years, #WorkFair has helped thousands of job seekers engage, interact and apply for job opportunities with progressive employers across all industries. Confirmed booths at this year’s #WorkFair include Unilever, Netflix, DAZN, Omnicom Media Group, Capgemini, Oracle, WPP, WTW, Taylor Wessing, Pfizer, AB inBev, London Stock Exchange Group, Warner Bros Discovery, HCA Healthcare, Thomas International, Raytheon UK, Pearson, Enterprise, HSBC, Reach, Swiss Re, UN, State Street, Kelloggs and many more.

Paul Phillips, Strategy Director at OMD UK, part of Omnicom Media Group, highly recommends both job seekers and companies to attend #WorkFair: “myGwork’s WorkFair is an invaluable event for the LGBTQ+ community. As community members are opting more and more to only work for companies that reflect their own value, WorkFair provides an easily accessible forum to engage directly with some of the world’s most inclusive employers. It also provides a great platform for those employers to demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity, providing reassurance to the community and a call to arms to those companies that are falling short in balanced representation. I strongly recommend both companies and jobseekers to get involved.”

“As well as launching the #WorkingWithPride campaign, we will share the results of our inaugural student survey, revealing what LGBTQ+ graduates expect from inclusive workplaces at #WorkFair. It’s a must-attend event for LGBTQ+ job seekers and inclusive employers committed to #WorkingWithPride,” added Adrien and Pierre Gaubert.  ”We had over 80 companies attend last year’s event, and many of them are returning to #WorkFair this year.”

Commenting on partnering with myGwork’s #WorkFair this year, Enactus UK COO Amy Brereton said: “We are so excited to be partnering with myGwork, harnessing the power of the student voice across our network. The next generation of responsible leaders is sharing their own individual experiences of what it means to be ‘#WorkingWithPride’. By partnering with myGwork on this joint campaign, we are so proud to be collaborating with an organisation that, like Enactus, is passionate about creating a better, more sustainable world for us all.”


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