Nearly 75% of Americans Passed On Applying To Their Dream Job New Survey Finds

Career Climbers / 28th November 2022

Insight Global, a leading national staffing company dedicated to empowering people through opportunity, has announced the official launch of its Be The Light tour via its first-ever mobile career center. With a new national survey revealing that nearly 75% of people don’t apply for their dream job, the tour seeks to illuminate meaningful career opportunities for those who need and want it most.

The survey, conducted in October 2022 among 1,005 jobseekers, revealed several reasons why job seekers might not pursue new opportunities, which include being intimidated by the job search (31%), not having a college degree (24%), not knowing how to get started with a job search (24%), and an overall lack of confidence (33%).

From Atlanta to Boston and Denver to Oakland, the Be The Light tour will aim to change those feelings as it travels across a dozen cities over the next year. The tour will offer free access to Insight Global’s staffing experts and local partners and provide personalized, one-on-one career counseling and readiness to bolster job opportunities and improve the economic landscape.

“What we have often seen through personal experiences in staffing that has been reaffirmed through our survey is that many times, people just don’t feel like they are enough. Whether it’s due to their background or circumstances, they don’t see their own potential and who is right in front of them – a hard-working and skilled person who just needs access to pursue what’s possible. That’s exactly what we’re here to do – show them what their career future can be if they harness the power of their full, limitless potential,” said Bert Bean, CEO of Insight Global.

Mobile Career Center: Helping People through the Dignity of Work

Additional survey results also revealed the motivation behind people looking for new jobs. Those that rose to the top include better pay (57%), creating a better life for themselves (56%), and creating a better life for their family or those who depend on them (45%).

As the Insight Global mobile career center hits the road, it will be full of the experts, technology and tools that will help job seekers as they look for jobs or think about a career. Whether it’s needing more access to resources, technology or even the childcare that a job search often requires, Insight Global is working to remove these barriers and meet people where they are to enable a better future for them.

The mobile career center will feature:

  • One-on-one consultations with Insight Global experts who will provide a personalized experience based on attendees’ career goals.
  • Career Readiness Workshops on resume writing, interview skills and job hunting.
  • Headshot Studio complete with a stylist and a professional photographer who will take photos and upload photos to LinkedIn profiles (and create a profile).
  • Career Networking with recruiters from Insight Global and client partners who will be on hand to offer tips, tricks and best practices for job seekers and share opportunities that may be available.
  • Child Care Services staffed by qualified childcare professionals.
  • Additional supportive services, including assistance for Spanish speakers and the hearing and physically impaired. 
  • Food for fuel with locally-sourced, free culinary options.
  • Merchandise Checkout where attendees who complete the day will earn free swag.

“We fundamentally believe in our purpose to Be The Light to those around us,” said Bree Davis, Social Impact Program Manager for Insight Global. “Our recent survey shows that people want to explore new opportunities, whether it be to create a better life or simply keep up with increases in the cost of living. That’s why we’re hosting this tour – to empower and equip job seekers with the confidence and skills they need to create a brighter future.”

Everyone Is Welcome

The Be The Light tour is open to anyone looking to better their job or career. In particular, AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander), BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), first generation college grads, unhoused individuals, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQIA, justice impacted, single-income families, veterans, women and young adults. Throughout the country, many communities face challenges when it comes to entering the workforce or career betterment—from social and economic inequality to disenfranchisement. Insight Global is on a mission to change that, and in turn, change lives.  

Insight Global is setting a goal to positively impact 5,000 job seekers in the first year of the tour, and 15,000 job seekers by 2025, creating economic sustainability, bridging the gap by breaking generational poverty and providing equal access and opportunity for all.

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