Invest For Kids Announces $200,000 Grant to Support NFTE Midwest’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs / 18th January 2023

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a global nonprofit that has been activating the entrepreneurial mindset in young people since 1987, today announced it has received a $200,000 grant from Invest For Kids in Chicago.

NFTE is one of eight organizations chosen from over 100 worthy applicants for this two-year grant. The grant will help underestimated youth in Chicago-area schools, and community-based organizations reach their full potential.

“Invest For Kids is proud to support NFTE,” said Erin Diamond, Interim Executive Director of Invest for Kids. “Each year, we carefully select organizations that serve Chicago-area youth from under-resourced communities and invest in them to transform their lives. We are dedicated to backing nonprofits whose work helps our kids realize their dreams.”

Through engaging, project-based classroom experiences, NFTE students begin to understand how knowledge acquired at school can be applied to real-world career opportunities. They also learn how to ideate, problem-solve, create solutions, develop a business plan around an idea, and communicate that idea succinctly in a business pitch. Students also connect with entrepreneurs and business professionals who volunteer as NFTE challenge coaches and judges.

“We’re thrilled that Invest for Kids is putting its generous support behind young, aspiring entrepreneurs, empowering them to own their futures,” said Scott Nasatir, Executive Director of NFTE Midwest. “Despite the socioeconomic challenges our Chicagoland students face, we are equipping them with the high-quality entrepreneurship education they need to succeed in life. That is why this grant promises to be so transformative for our Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program.”

To learn more about NFTE and its work in the Midwest, visit 

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