LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator Invests in Five Edtech Startups in Newly Launched Breakthrough to Scale Program

Entrepreneurs / 19th July 2023

LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator, a prominent edtech investor, has recently unveiled its 2023 Breakthrough to Scale program, showcasing the selection of five promising edtech startups for investment and active engagement. These companies are committed to developing innovative solutions that offer future-proof learning, earning, and collaboration opportunities through cutting-edge technology and human-centered design.

Having made strategic investments in over 80 edtech companies since 2013, LearnLaunch has achieved remarkable milestones. Its portfolio companies have raised more than $250 million in funding and positively impacted the educational journeys of over 40 million learners worldwide. LearnLaunch continues to foster the growth of visionary pioneers who are driving accessibility, equity, and outcomes across diverse educational sectors.

The five participating startups in the program are:

  • Alchemy Vision (Los Angeles, California): Alchemy Vision is a leading digital platform that specializes in workforce upskilling within the eye care industry. Their comprehensive solution is designed to efficiently train employees while alleviating the workload of senior staff. With a scalable and cost-effective approach, the company empowers teams to positively impact practice growth, elevate patient satisfaction, and cultivate professionalism and confidence among staff members.
  • Ann (Tel Aviv, Israel): Ann is revolutionizing the education publishing industry by accelerating the digital transformation. Ann uses AI and machine learning technologies to transform static materials into dynamic, interactive content that integrates assessments and real-time reports for teachers while preserving the essence of the original publications.
  • Kiddie Kredit (Miami, Florida): Kiddie Kredit is closing the income gap by addressing youth financial literacy.  Their mobile app is designed to educate children about the credit system and credit responsibility through chore completion, fostering financial literacy from an early age.  The company is already in partnership with Equifax & several other major financial institutions.
  • Lingco (Lansing, Michigan): Lingco (Lansing, Michigan): Lingco offers an adaptive language learning platform for K-12 and higher ed. It assesses students’ language competencies and provides actionable insights and engaging content to instructors for better course structuring and helping students achieve proficiency.
  • UpBrainery (The Woodlands, Texas) UpBrainery provides Exploration Pathways for an immersive career exploration experience for students in K-12. UpBrainery is focused on the rapidly growing Career and Technical Education (CTE) space. The company leverages AI and machine learning to provide hyper-personalized student learning paths. With built-in badging, micro-credentialing, and teacher tools, it is designed for easy implementation in any classroom.

These selected startups will embark on a transformative 12-week journey through LearnLaunch Accelerator’s Breakthrough to Scale program, primarily conducted virtually. During this intensive period, the companies will seize opportunities to strengthen their product-market fit, expand their customer base, and establish scalable operational frameworks. The founders will receive support from mentors, venture partners, and funders within LearnLaunch’s robust network. Following the program, each company will be well-prepared for subsequent stages of funding, deployment, and operational success. The program will culminate with a demo day scheduled for the week of October 2nd, 2023, held in New York as part of EDTECH WEEK.

LearnLaunch constantly seeks to enhance its capacity by welcoming new, knowledgeable individuals to support the growth and development of startups. “Our program alumni give rave reviews of their weekly meetings with our Venture Partners during the program” said Jean Hammond, Founder and General Partner. “We are thrilled to add an industry thought-leader, Dr Alina von Davier, Chief of Assessment at Duolingo, as the newest member in our Venture Partner team of industry experts”.

Finally, LearnLaunch is excited to announce an equity investment into the Fund by Needham Bank under their Community Reinvestment Act umbrella. This investment supports the Bank’s ongoing goals of investing in workforce development and reaching low and moderate-income communities. This closely aligns with LearnLaunch’s aim to grow innovative businesses that have a big potential for social impact, with over 66% of its investments led by BIPOC and female founders.

LearnLaunch Fund + Accelerator is the leading Edtech startup program. Using our unique mix of milestone-based funding and one-on-one venture partner and mentor support, we work with impact-driven entrepreneurs on achieving product-market fit and developing go-to-market strategies to achieve scale. We look for companies with revenue and scalable impact potential. Our relationship-driven approach supports funding, partnerships, and growth for the long term. For more information, visit https://learnlaunch.com/accelerator.

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