Finance Emerges as the Top Choice for Gen Z, With 56,000 Open Jobs in the US, Creating New Challenges in Finance Recruitment

Career Climbers / 5th September 2023

In a stunning shift of career preferences, the finance industry has catapulted to the top of the list for Gen Z candidates. According to research by Glider AI, over 56,000 jobs remain open to fill in the US across the top US banks. With Gen Z flocking to finance for jobs, finance recruitment experts must now address new hiring challenges, from candidate fraud to skills validation.

A New Trend in Gen Z Career Aspirations

According to the CFA Institute’s latest research, the finance industry soared from its fifth-place position in 2021 to the coveted top spot in 2023. As the healthcare sector grapples with employee burnout and the tech industry navigates the aftermath of mass layoffs, finance emerges as a beacon of reliability and potential.

Glider AI’s Insightful Report

Glider AI, a leader in AI-driven skills-based hiring, conducted research finding:

  • A staggering 56,478 open positions across major US financial institutions, signifying a vibrant demand for roles that span the spectrum from technology to sales
  • The preference for on-site work is evident, even as the discourse around remote and flexible work gains popularity.
  • Despite the demand for highly skilled talent, the finance industry lacks adequate learning and development programs for the most sought-after skills.

Shaping the Future of Finance Recruitment

As more candidates look to the finance industry, many talent acquisition leaders are beginning to embrace new hiring strategies:

  1. Skills-Based Hiring: A shift towards skills assessments to evaluate candidate competency, alignment, and integrity.
  2. AI-Driven Recruitment: Utilizing AI to streamline candidate evaluation and create a seamless candidate experience.
  3. Skills Empowerment: Empowering candidates through targeted skills development programs to bridge the skills gap.

To read more about the research and data, visit Glider AI or download the report here.

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