Plug and Play Announces Final Batch of Startups Selected for their Silicon Valley Programs

Entrepreneurs / 20th October 2023

Plug and Play, the world’s largest innovation platform, has announced the final batch of startups selected for its Silicon Valley programs in 2023. The programs, which had a staggered start between September and October, are set to culminate at Plug and Play’s Silicon Valley Summit, taking place from December 5-7. Industry focuses for the accepted startups include:

The full list of startups can be found on Plug and Play’s website.

“This batch of startups accepted into our Silicon Valley programs has been one of the best and most talented groups of entrepreneurs I have seen,” said Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play. “The technologies and innovations that have emerged from these programs are changing the future, and I look forward to sharing the success stories at Summit.”

Plug and Play accelerates innovation through its dynamic ecosystem, boasting over 50,000 disruptive startups and major corporations globally, and forming a strong network of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies. This positions Plug and Play as a leader in shaping the technologies of the future.

The selected startups will participate in a rigorous three-month program, gaining access to exclusive events, mentorship sessions, and private dealflows that introduce them to Plug and Play’s network. Throughout the journey, startups will explore potential pilot projects, proof of concepts (PoCs), investments, and other crucial collaborations, all without any equity requirements.

The pinnacle of this year’s Silicon Valley programs will conclude at Plug and Play’s Summit, a three-day event scheduled for December 5-7, 2023.

*Plug and Play’s Agtech and Animal Health programs will be bringing startups from their locations in Fargo and Topeka to present at Summit.

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