The Dawn of a New Era: Robotics & AI Revolutionising Business Dynamics

Career Climbers / 1st April 2024

The emergence of robots, coupled with advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), marks a profound turning point in business and human history. We are witnessing unprecedented changes in our daily lives, workplaces, social interactions, and business landscapes. From industrial space to social space and even outer space, robots are increasingly making their presence felt.

Acknowledging the evolutionary trajectory of AI and robotics as distinct branches of advancement, both scientific and technological, is crucial. While their convergence has yet to reach its full potential, some of the most significant transformations have occurred already as they have begun to synergise. On this journey, what is particularly intriguing is the evolution of robots beyond factory floors. As they become more intelligent and safer to work alongside humans, they are assuming diverse shapes, sizes, appearances, and even personalities. This shift challenges traditional perceptions of robots and expands the possibilities of their applications. Sometimes, their capabilities lead to the creation of entirely new uses, such as undertaking hazardous tasks that are perilous for humans. In other instances, their limitations inspire innovative solutions, like their inability to ‘experience’ boredom or anger, making them ideal for repetitive tasks. Moreover, their ability to serve as remote intermediaries (avatars) opens up new avenues for human engagement with the environment and others.

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