How To Get Colleagues On Board With The LinkedIn Ambassador Project

Career Climbers / 1st May 2024

Promoting the Ambassador Role 

Being a company Ambassador is an honour. Sell it this way. It’s not a chore; it’s not something else ‘to be done’. Embracing the Ambassador role opens doors to unparalleled experiences and growth – opportunities your colleagues would never be exposed to if they were not part of the team. 

Social media content shared by employees has eight times more engagement than content shared through the company’s own social channels and is shared twenty-five times more frequently.

What’s in it for me, aka the ‘WIIFM factor’, is one of the keys. If you show your colleagues that you know what their pain is and how Employee Ambassadors will help them solve it, they start to listen. Then, you can tell them what’s in it for the company and how this synergically supports their personal brand.

Ninety-eight per cent of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50 per cent are already posting about their company. Why not help them to build their professional and company brand along the way? The better the company’s employer brand, the better people it will attract and the better they look working for you.

Ambassadors will also get training, support and an accountability group to build their thought leadership position in record time. This normally takes a long time, and sometimes they may never even start. 

People need to understand how being an Ambassador directly reinforces their professional positioning. They will have access to information and people from other departments on a project strongly supported by management. This makes them more valuable and brings them opportunities from within the company. They become known outside your company and receive requests to talk to media, podcasters or at conferences. They are known as the most influential people in their niche. They attract fantastic talent to their teams and departments and find solutions no one ever thought of because of their high-quality professional networking.

Ask your colleagues: ‘Were about to enhance our brand in a new and exciting way. Will you join us?’ To read the entire article, click here! To have CEO Magazine sent directly to your inbox, click here!

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