Hot New Features From CareerBuilder Tell Job Seekers Who Is Looking At Their Resume – And Why

Career Climbers / 12th May 2016

Ever post your resume online and feel like it fell into an enormous black hole? CareerBuilder is shining a much-needed light on the progress of one’s job search by launching exciting new features that tell job seekers which companies are viewing their resumes and why.

After a job seeker posts a resume on, the job seeker can visit the home page and see up-to-the-minute information on the number of times his/her resume has been viewed and the frequency in which the resume has come up in company searches. The job seeker will also receive weekly emails highlighting the number of times his/her resume has been opened throughout the past week and which specific companies are looking at his/her qualifications.

CareerBuilder even goes a step beyond this to provide insights into why employers are looking at a job seeker’s resume by showing the search terms the employer used to find that candidate. This feature provides an unprecedented gauge of whether one has the right keywords in his/her resume to attract desired employers or whether a revision is needed to place more emphasis on other keywords.

“No one is offering job seekers the level of transparency and personalization that CareerBuilder can provide,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation. “Job seekers want to know where they stand, and these new tools give valuable insights into the progress they’re making in engaging employers. In the future, we will also be providing recommendations to job seekers on which phrases they should use in their resumes to increase their chances of getting noticed.”

Another key benefit to posting a resume on CareerBuilder is to take advantage of quick apply capabilities. More than half of the jobs on CareerBuilder can be applied to with the click of one button through either a desktop or mobile device. This especially comes in handy if job seekers have been notified that an employer has already expressed interest by viewing their resume in CareerBuilder’s database.

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