IMD Business School Launches Highly Personalized Online Executive Programs

MBA Blog / 24th March 2016

IMD, a recognized leader in the executive education field, has now launched eight online-based programs designed to bring the quality of its top-ranked face-to-face learning into the offices of executives worldwide. 

Participants in IMD’s new Global Leadership in the Cloud programs engage in highly-personalized and interactive experiences that involve engaging videos, individual coaching and learning partnerships with peers. In addition, the courses give real feedback and recommendations from IMD in order to maximize the effectiveness of online learning.

The eight programs now offered are: Being Innovative, Finance Fundamentals for Executives, Learning Leadership, Leading Strategic Initiatives, Leveraging Strategic Partnerships, Marketing Management, Pricing Excellence in Tough B2B Markets, and Strategic Thinking.

These Global Leadership in the Cloud programs are ideal for executives with six to ten years of experience. They provide flexibility for incorporating executive learning into busy work schedules. The programs are offered over eight-week periods twice a year and cost CHF 3,900. Upon successful completion of an online program, participants receive IMD certification and are invited to join the alumni network.

“Our Global Leadership in the Cloud programs are not at all MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses),” said IMD President, Dominique Turpin. “These are premium quality individual programs that aim to provide an engaging and effective learning method online. Just like our face-to-face programs, they are designed and led by our world class faculty.”

Prior to this launch, IMD’s Learning Leadership program won a 2015 gold medal for “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology” from Brandon Hall.

IMD has been piloting the Global Leadership in the Cloud programs with its Corporate Learning Network for some time and is now releasing them to executives worldwide. “The courses have managed to capture the richness of a campus experience by creating an online experience that is very focused and coached,” said Feena May, Head of Learning & Development at the International Committee of the Red Cross. May, along with other business leaders from Gearbulk, i-to-I, Nestlé Nutrition, and SICPA gave video feedback on the benefits they found in the courses.

Pablo Perez participated in the award-winning Learning Leadership online program led by IMD Professor George Kohlrieser. He said: “You do not need to be away from the office for a week or more and you can manage your time according to your priorities. The program was excellent. The exchange of experiences, discussions and interaction with my group was also a real highlight, especially given that it was an online based program.”

“IMD has been conducting blended learning for many years – our Executive MBA program was a pioneer in this – but incorporating it into 100% virtual learning was a new departure for us. The challenge we set for ourselves was how to create a genuine five-star IMD experience for participants, without them having to come on campus,” said James Henderson, Professor of Strategy and IMD Management Team Member Responsible for Programs and Innovation. “I think we have succeeded with the Global Leadership in the Cloud series.”

Find out more about IMDs Global Leadership in the Cloud programs:

About IMD: 

IMD is a top-ranked business school recognized as the expert in developing global leaders through high-impact executive education. The school is 100% focused on real-world executive development, offers Swiss excellence with a global perspective, and has a flexible, customized and effective approach.

IMD offers a Global Leader Index where executives can see where they stand as leaders.

IMD is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and has an Executive Learning Center in Singapore.

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