Innovative Collaboration Between Writerly/EKOM and Northwestern University’s MBAi Program Unveils AI Capstone Partnership

MBA Blog / 15th September 2023

Writerly, a leader in AI-enabled software for marketing and e-commerce, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with Northwestern University’s MBAi (Master of Business Administration, Artificial Intelligence) program. This strategic collaboration underscores Writerly’s commitment to fostering forward-thinking innovation and developing future leaders in the generative AI space.

As part of this collaboration, capstone graduate students from Northwestern’s joint program between McCormick School of Engineering and Kellogg School of Management will join members of Writerly’s leadership for an intensive semester-long engagement. These students, selected from diverse backgrounds in science, engineering, and business, will gain exposure to real-world applications of AI technology, hands-on mentoring, and the opportunity to shape the future of a fast-growing startup pioneering generative AI’s frontier.

The MBAi capstone students will benefit from direct access to Writerly’s cutting-edge natural language AI platform as they tackle complex challenges at the intersection of business and technology. By actively collaborating with Writerly’s experienced data scientists and engineers, students will acquire in-demand skills and have the chance to implement innovative AI solutions with measurable business impact.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Northwestern’s MBAi program,” said Jon Ricketts, CEO of Writerly, the parent company of EKOM. “This partnership not only showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI, but also exemplifies our dedication to providing meaningful experiences that empower our organization as well as students who will be leading AI initiatives of their own in the future.”

The selected capstone students will work closely with EKOM’s team to research and model novel use cases for generative AI needs at the enterprise level. Writerly’s technical expertise, combined with the students’ unique perspectives, promises to catalyze innovation that creates unique value for everyone involved. The partnership resonates deeply with Writerly/EKOM’s ethos of growth and substantiates its status as a formidable player in the AI landscape.

“The opportunity to work with startups like Writerly at the leading edge of generative AI is exactly the kind of experience we aspire to provide for our students,” stated the Program Director of MBAi, Andy Fano.

The collaborative endeavor will unfold through a series of planned phases, commencing with the Fall 2023 Capstone Kickoff. This multifaceted journey will encompass introductions, project work, and presentations, and culminate in a grand showcase event hosted at the Kellogg Global Hub.

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