JFF Announces New Executives in Residence Program for Education and Future of Work Pioneers

Career Climbers / 25th February 2021

JFF, a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems, has introduced a new class of Executives in Residence managed by JFFLabs, a team within JFF that designs and scales new technology-enabled approaches to promoting economic advancement. Here are the new JFFLabs EIRs (in alphabetical order), with a look at the initiatives they’ll be working on:

“It is imperative to reimagine new ways to reach and serve individuals who have faced structural barriers to social and economic mobility—this includes exploring the critical role technology serves to increase access to educational and workforce opportunity,” said Kristina Francis, executive director of JFF Labs, “This extraordinary group of entrepreneurs and leaders—and the issues they have chosen to focus on as EIRs—can help us to solve defining challenges for our time, promoting true upward mobility and a more equitable economy.”

Selected from a diverse group of entrepreneurs and industry leaders, each of the executives will focus on high-profile issues related to the use of data to improve equity in education and workforce outcomes, incubating programs that can either be launched within JFF or spun off and led by their own organizations. Each EIR will author and publish original publications about the impact of their research on the challenges they want to address, contributing to the field’s understanding of complex topics at the intersection of policy, practice, and private-sector innovation.

The EIRs will receive funding to support their work, and they will receive staff support from members of the JFFLabs team, who will help them produce market scans, incubate products and services, and develop go-to-market strategies. They will also benefit from collaboration with JFF’s team of more than 100 subject matter experts and project leads, whose expertise spans specific disciplines and topics ranging from apprenticeship and work-based learning to postsecondary education and corporate training.

“The gravity of the country’s economic and social challenges requires us to take an equally bold approach that marshals the best of private-sector innovation, public policy expertise, and the perspectives of educators and practitioners on the ground,” said Maria Flynn, president and CEO of JFF. “This work represents a key part of our dual transformation strategy: accelerating reform within incumbent education and workforce systems as they exist today, while catalyzing innovation among entrepreneurs who can help us envision something even better.”

Over the next two years, JFFLabs will select up to three cohorts of EIRs per year, and each cohort will have up to five EIRs. JFF plans to review requests to join the EIR program on a rolling basis. For more information, contact labs@jff.org.

About JFF: JFF is a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems. For more than 35 years, JFF has led the way in designing innovative and scalable solutions that create access to economic advancement for all. Join us as we build a future that works. www.jff.org

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