Job Application Tracking Platform Reveals New Integrations To Help Job Seekers

Entrepreneurs / 24th January 2024

Following continued growth since its launch, job application tracking platform, RoleCatcher has unveiled two new integrations in a bid to help individuals better manage their career hunt.

These new tools include a new, disruptive take on the traditional job board, allowing RoleCatcher users to search and apply for jobs from multiple external sources while still managing their applications and communications all in one place.

The brand has also launched its “Career Navigator” feature, the new tool will enable job seekers to compare and contrast new job opportunities in other sectors or professions – a valuable tool for those mapping out their future career or looking to move into new sectors. These integrations come after a successful launch back in 2021, a time when skilled candidates were, and still are, in high demand.

James Fogg, CEO and Founder of RoleCatcher comments:

“If we look at the recruitment process from an employer’s point of view, the evolution of hiring has been building speed for some time, with forward thinking firms utilising advanced recruitment technologies. Yet, this evolution is not being matched by job seekers, with our recent survey revealing that e-mails as the most common method of job application organisation, while other candidates are managing their applications with spreadsheets or even notepads, post-it notes or simply no form of organisation at all.

“With the latest ONS figures revealing that UK vacancies are continuing on an upwards trajectory, individuals now have more choice. However, the amount of time they are spending applying for roles, often while trying to work full time themselves, is simply counter-productive.

“There was, however, a general recognition from our survey respondents that organisational tools can make looking for work much easier and far less stressful, and at RoleCatcher, we are always looking for new and improved ways to do exactly this. These new integrations have been designed to ultimately organise the search for job seekers, helping them better manage job hunting without having a detrimental impact on their personal time, current job or mental wellbeing.”

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