Minnesota Tech Startup Taps Talent in West Africa for U.S. Companies, Announces First Partnership

Entrepreneurs / 8th February 2024

Juduh, a tech startup connecting Minnesota companies and African talent, has announced a partnership with Edina-based FRSecure to develop a cybersecurity portal. It’s the first large project for Juduh, which is leading the exploration of tech talent in West Africa, starting in Ghana.

“Africa’s time is now — they are a force to be reckoned with,” says Juduh Founder and CEO David Manly. “Africa is the last frontier for tech talent and innovation. As the tech industry has matured, many people have been left behind. This is a chance for companies to help address the diversity gap that exists in the industry today.”

“FRSecure is well known in the infosec community as a mission-driven organization,” FRSecure CEO John Harmon says. “Everything we do, from our offerings to our team and client relationships, is driven by our focus on fixing the broken information security industry. As we navigated an expansion of our mission into the attack surface space, we looked for a software development partner that had the technical horsepower we require and were mission-driven themselves. Juduh was the clear choice based on the criteria, and it has been evident since day one of our engagement. They are demonstrating a technical proficiency far beyond what we expected and, more importantly, understand why we are asking them to build this product. The results have been beyond our expectations on every level as a result of our alignment.”

Building a talent pipeline with tech engineers in Ghana represents Juduh’s first step in a three-year goal to reach $10 million in revenue and expand to additional talent markets in Liberia and Nigeria. Custom software development, such as the cybersecurity portal in development for FRSecure, tops its list of offerings, which also includes automation engineering, maintenance and continuous ops, staff augmentation and technical assessment.



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