Navigating the Future of Global Digitalised Business: Nebrija Business & Technology School’s Unique Approach to Integrating Management and Technology

MBA Blog / 25th April 2024

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in an era of profound transformation in the global economy. According to a recent report by PwC, AI has the potential to contribute an astounding $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. At Nebrija Business and Technology School (NBTS), we recognise the seismic shifts brought about by AI and its disruptive influence. Companies are grappling with the urgent need to recalibrate their operations, customer interactions, and overall business models, as McKinsey AI’s breakout year reported. As a consequence, most managers are reskilling their knowledge beyond their function to be able to address the new paradigm.

Amid this rapid technological evolution, the competition for talent has become more intense than ever before. This dynamic underscores the importance of upskilling or reskilling one’s knowledge and capabilities to thrive in this evolving economic paradigm. In response to this imperative, NTBS has made a strategic decision to incorporate management and technology as core pillars in all its academic programmes. This decision has been driven by a profound recognition of the evolving demands of the modern world, which increasingly relies on the seamless integration of management expertise and technological prowess. This fusion of disciplines not only aligns with the broader educational goals of NTBS but also reflects the school’s unique identity, which serves as a bridge between the enduring legacy of humanism and the dynamic digital era.

While NBTS is committed to advancing the fields of management and technology, it does so with a deep sense of purpose and awareness of its connection to Nebrija University’s foundational spirit. This is characterised by its role in preserving and propagating humanism’s rich traditions while embracing the innovations of the digital age. A tangible manifestation of this commitment is the Spanish government’s recent launch of a ‘Nebrija‘ satellite. This monumental achievement is part of the 500th centenary celebration of Antonio de Nebrija, led by our university, and exemplifies the school’s unique position at the intersection of tradition and innovation, embodying the spirit of a forward-looking institution firmly rooted in its historical context.

This approach of keeping humanism as a lighthouse for current technology challenges is driven by a profound commitment to preparing students for the future of work, which is why NBTS graduates emerge well-prepared and uniquely positioned to lead and drive sustainable business growth in an AI-driven world. The living cases that professors bring to their lessons when discussing the digital transformations their businesses have experienced are part of the learning journey we offer our graduates. As one of our current students in the MBA tech specialisation mentioned, “It’s very enriching to be able to share with the protagonists of digital transformation the challenges and dilemmas they have faced. This prepares us for the next big wave of transformation due to generative AI.” To read the entire article, click here! To have CEO Magazine sent directly to your inbox, click here!

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