Rutgers Part-Time MBA Offers Students “Maximum Flexibility”

MBA Blog / 15th May 2023

When Kymberly Wharton started a Rutgers Part-Time MBA in 2021, the pandemic limited her classes to an online format. That suited Wharton. Even as restrictions were lifted, and she had the option of returning to campus, Wharton preferred to take classes online.

In the fall, she took a course that required her to go to campus. While the experience of being in a class with a professor and other students was nice, Wharton said trying to end her workday at five and driving to campus became a “frantic” routine.

When the spring semester began, she returned to online classes. “I’m so grateful for the flexibility,” said Wharton, who is part of the global communications team at Merck. “Remote work is increasingly prevalent in today’s age. I’m thankful Rutgers Business School has recognized the value of providing online and hybrid opportunities for working professionals.”

Students in the Rutgers Part-Time MBA Program are in a unique position of being able to combine online coursework with classroom learning. Nearly 50% of the curriculum is offered in an asynchronous or synchronous online format, giving students an option to choose what works best as they juggle classes, demanding careers, and families.

Want to learn more about the Rutgers Part-Time MBA? Come to an in-person graduate program Open House on Saturday, May 6, to hear from alumni and speak with faculty.

“The Part-time MBA program offers the best of both worlds, with the flexibility and convenience of online classes and the added benefit of connecting with professors and networking with other students in person,” said Marc Limata, assistant dean of MBA programs. “This unique and rich experience sets the program apart and showcases its ability to provide a top-quality education.”

“With a focus on student experiences and preferences, the program demonstrates that it can be better than and just as convenient as some online programs,” Limata said.

The Rutgers Part-Time MBA Program is 49 credits, made up of relevant and contemporary courses designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to advance in their careers. Students have a choice of 10 concentrations, including global business and marketing. The program offers maximum flexibility – online, hybrid and in-person options plus a choice of evening and weekend classes – so students can fit the demands of earning an MBA into their life. Students can begin the program in the fall, spring or wait to plunge into coursework in the summer.

Lisa Chiobi started taking in-person classes as soon as Rutgers Business School resumed having them, but she said the course material is often what determines how she takes the class. “I work remotely, so it’s easy to fit an online course into my schedule,” she said. “If it’s a challenging course and I feel like I need more support, than I will go in-person. I get a lot more value connecting with the professor and other students if I’m taking the course in person.”

When she was contemplating an MBA, Chiobi said she considered a program that was fully online. She ultimately decided she would be missing out on some of the experience. “Part of investing in an MBA is for the networks, connecting with classmates and professors,” she said.

Paul Bramwell, who is completing his MBA in May, said he thinks the ideal is a mix of online and in-person classes. “There are times when online courses are convenient, but I’ve always been a proponent of being in a physical classroom,” he said. “I really want to be interacting with people. I want to be engaged, and I want to network.”

Chiobi has benefited from the program’s flexibility in other ways. Last summer, when she was traveling for both work and pleasure, the trips never impacted her studies. “I didn’t have to miss a class,” she said. “Rutgers was able to do that for me.”

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