StaffDNA Surpasses 1,000,000 Downloads With Next-Generation Integrated Technology That Lets Healthcare Professionals Find, Book, and Manage all Facets of the Job Search

Career Climbers / 12th June 2023

StaffDNA, the number one downloaded healthcare career app, recently surpassed 1,000,000 downloads.

The app shows healthcare candidates all available jobs updated in real-time. Job searchers using the app benefit from unprecedented levels of autonomy and control over their benefits, certification requirements, and compensation.

Candidates can now select the job that is right for their family needs, build custom pay packages, submit their applications, accept their preferred job, and sign all onboarding documents without the involvement of a recruiter. All job status updates are communicated through the app in real-time.

The latest version of the app, released in May, has thousands of new downloads daily. Designed to radically simplify and accelerate job search and placement for healthcare professionals, StaffDNA features enhanced job-matching capabilities.

Currently supporting nursing and allied professions, StaffDNA continues to increase placement offerings at hospital systems, long-term care facilities, and skilled nursing centers nationwide. Its unique industry-leading technology is poised to help meet staffing needs across other markets.

“We’ve simplified how healthcare professionals can see all jobs, and all job types in one place,” said Sheldon Arora, CEO of StaffDNA, “and we show pay packages that are the best in the industry.”

The SDNA app is the fastest growing and first of its kind. The integrated app technology is protected by 26 design and utility patents.

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