Four-Day Work Week: Business Expert Weighs In On Potential Impact Following Successful UK Trial

Career Climbers / 13th March 2024

UK businesses are now being urged to embrace a four-day work week throughout August this year, following the world’s biggest trial that saw more than half of participating firms permanently...

Four-Day Working Week Now More Important To Professionals Than Work Socials And Relationships

Career Climbers / 1st June 2023

Say goodbye to work culture: Three-quarters of professionals (71%) have stated that they would be willing to give up work socials and relationships with colleagues in favour of a 4-day...

Survey: The Majority of “Office” Workers Are Accepting New Jobs Due to Location Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Career Climbers / 22nd September 2021

As employers scramble to recruit and retain talent in a candidate-driven market, human resource leaders and hiring managers seek to uncover the “why” behind employees staying or leaving. While the...